Possible solutions to Fix the Missing Network Manager Icon in Ubuntu 9.10

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This morning, I booted up my laptop and tried to connect to the school's wireless when I noticed that the icon for Network Manager was missing from the toolbar. I checked to see that Network Manager was running and it was, the icon had just disappeared for some reason.

Solution 1

If you remove the notification area on the panel (right click the three vertical dots and click "Remove From Panel") and then re-add it ( right click the panel, click "Add to Panel" and search for "Notification Area", then click it) the Network Manager icon will reappear, thus allowing you to connect to wireless networks.

Note:- The above solution may not be the permenent solution

Solution 2

One user got this problem in a fresh install of 9.10!

So I was checking "Startup Applications" (System > Preferences) and I realized that the entry for indicator applet has the following:

sh -c "sleep 60 && python /usr/share/gnome-panel/add-indicator-applet.py"

Just after it comes the entry for Network Manager. Now I'm not sure if they're executed in the order in which they're listed and I highly doubt that also but assuming that they're executed in the same order then the Network Manager would start after the Indicator Applet and that may have something to do with the fact that it's icon is missing from the indicator applet.

So I changed the line above to the following:

sh -c "sleep 90 && python /usr/share/gnome-panel/add-indicator-applet.py"

Now the network manager's icon is there always. If the problem re-appears I'll update that fact here. But for now this change seems to have solved the issue!

Solution 3

I reinstall the network manager and found that nm-applet didn't show up in the notification area.

So, this is what I did and it worked for me.

1. Go to /usr/share/app-install/desktop and find Network Manager
2. Right click.. Properties.. copy the command line
3. Go to System.. Preferences.. Startup Applications and look for Network Manager
4. Click Edit and paste the command then save
5. Log out, log in

Command should be something like this

nm-applet --sm-disable

Bug Reported here

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18 Responses

  1. TMuel says:

    Have you tryed this?

    replace the startup command for the network mannager applet with the following command:
    bash -c “sleep 7; nm-applet;”

    works fine for me


  2. Milad says:

    Even if after following solution #2 the problem reappears, it will just mean that the notification area is taking longer than anticipated to load. So, you need to increase the sleep time to, say, 120.

  3. Francois says:

    It’s most likely a timing issue…

    I’ve had this problem on (many) fresh install(s) of Ubuntu until recently: I changed my HDD for a faster one and, what a curiosity, the problem is gone (probably because now, everything get’s done wihtin the default grace time)

    Where I’m from, we call this race condition… ouch

  4. aperson says:

    You can also killall gnome-panel to make it reappear.

  5. jack says:

    solution 4: install wicd. That’s what I did after my icon disappeared a few days ago. much better experience using WICD.

  6. randy says:

    My icon disappears if another user logs in before me. When I log in, I don’t get the icon. But the other user has it. I have to log her out, then switch back to my account and the icon is there. When she logs back in, the icon is gone for her (not that she notices of course). Is there any way to have the icon be on all accounts that are logged in?

  7. Buzz says:

    nmnew() {
    echo Stopping and restarting nm-applet.
    pkill nm-applet && nm-applet >/dev/null 2>&1 &

  8. Ghoul says:

    Use WICD 🙂

  9. César says:

    I agree with Ghoul…. use WICD is a excelent manager of network… Recommended

  10. Mahmoud says:

    This problem also can be reproduced by selecting failsafe gnome from the session menu in the login screen. So first of all check that your gnome session is not a failsafe one. to do this logout and then check the session menu before logging in again. Selecting a session type is sticky and the next time that will be the default.

  11. Mido says:

    hey, thanks. the first solution worked perfectly for my Dell Studio 1555.

  12. steve says:

    randy’s post (1/9/10) is exactly the problem I’m seeing. The first user to log into ubuntu netbook remix gets the nm-applet icon, but subsequent users do not. If I switch back to the original user, the icon shows up.

    This is important since the EEE PC 901 seems to turn off wireless and users need that icon to turn it back on.

    What is the fix for this? It this a permission issue, since the first user owns the nm-applet process?


  13. Newt says:

    I’ll echo Randy and Steve. I log in, then no other user sees the nm applet. No offered solutions seem to work.

  14. Lev says:

    Network Manager doesn’t support multiple users logged in at the same time. So nm-applet will work only for first one.

  15. Lucid user says:

    Your solution 1 worked for me.. ‘m new to ubuntu thank you so much.

  16. Lucid user says:

    I have one more problem. I am using USB wireless adapter. It can be recognized by the system, but available wifi networks are not showing up.
    Please help me to over come this.
    Thank you

  17. John says:

    This problem appears if you load vncserver before your user session.
    > Network Manager doesn’t support multiple users logged in at the same time. So nm-applet will work only for first one.

    So the desktop will never see the icon…

    Bugged me for a week! Thanks for the hint Lev.

  18. Amin says:

    Thanks friends.
    I used “nm-applet –sm-disable” as a path in my start up applications.
    my NetworkManager Icon comes up as first time i installed ubuntu.
    thanks every one.

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