Purgeconfig – A safer way to reset configuration files

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Many people try purging packages and reinstalling them to reset them, but it sometimes removes other packages with it, so it becomes a headache (especially when you are trying to reset the X11 configuration files, removing a few hundred packages with it).

To solve these problems, lkjoel made a script called purgeconfig that will artificially reset the configuration files (manually removing the configuration files, marking the packages as purged, then reinstalling the packages).

WARNING: Do NOT run Apt/Aptitude/DPKG/Synaptic/Software Center while running purgeconfig.

Install Purgeconfig on ubuntu

Download and install the script with this command:

wget http://purgeconfig.sf.net/purgeconfig.sh
chmod +x purgeconfig.sh
sudo cp purgeconfig.sh /usr/bin/purgeconfig

Using Purgeconfig

sudo purgeconfig package1 package2 package3 etc...

You can specify the architecture:

sudo purgeconfig package1:i386 etc...

Via Lkubuntu

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4 thoughts on “Purgeconfig – A safer way to reset configuration files

  1. It seems like a nice utility…
    I wonder why apt doesn’t have such an option..
    But what about the config files stored in the home
    of each user? would those be restored as well???

  2. You are awesome! I wasted hours trying to do a clean install of cups before I found this script. I actually tried to purge it first, but the package ubuntu-desktop depends on it!

    It blows my mind that neither apt* nor dpkg can cleanly install a package that is already installed (e.g. a “repair” operation).

  3. It would be nice if there were an alternate DL link. I am not into signing up for M$ Azure cloud.

    I’ll try and find it elsewhere.

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