pywo – Python Window Organizer

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PyWO allows you to easily organize windows on the desktop using keyboard shortcuts. It's inspired by Quicktile, Compiz plugins: Grid, Put, and Maximumize.

* Move window in any direction and snap it to other windows' edges
* Resize (expand or shrink) window in any direction
* Place window in predefined places on the desktop
* Use grid-like layout (place window and cycle predefined sizes)
* Switch windows' positions
* Highly customizable

Install pywo in ubuntu

You need to download latest version from here you can extract this file after extracting you should be having pywo-0.2 directory now you go in to the directory

cd pywo-0.2

Run the following command to start this application


pywo in action

Default keyboard shortcuts:

Alt-Ctrl-Shift-Q    -- exit PyWO
Alt-Ctrl-Shift-R    -- reload configuration file
Alt-Ctrl-Shift-I    -- print debug information about window manager and current window

Alt-KP_Divide       -- switch windows (change position of the window)
Alt-Shift-KP_Divide -- cycle windows (change contents of the window)

Alt-KP_1-9          -- move window in a direction (KP_1-9 -- numpad keys)
Shift-KP_1-9        -- expand window in a direction (5 works as maximumize compiz plugin)
Alt-Shift-KP_1-9    -- shrink window
Alt-Ctrl-KP_1-9     -- put window to predefined position
Ctrl_KP_1-9         -- put and resize (grid), and cycle widths
Ctrl-Shift_KP_1-9   -- put and resize (grid), and cycle heights

You can check here for more information

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