QuickStart – Back-up, Restore, and Set-up Ubuntu Quickly and Easily

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QuickStart is like a Swiss army knife, it allows you to do various things on your Ubuntu desktop: creating and restoring backups, running scheduled backups, backing up configuration files, installing some common applications, installing DVD codecs, deleting unnecessary files, etc.Complete list as follows.

1. Install the proper DVD & Codecs files so you can play a DVD in your drive using Totem, etc. (works with 7.10 / 7.04 / 8.04/8.10 and 32-bit / 64-bit).

2. Back-up Your /home folders using TAR compression

3. Back-up Your / folders using TAR compression

4. Back-up Your Configuration files separately (fstab, device.map, mtab, menu.lst, and xorg.conf) using TAR

5. Image your Ubuntu Operating System, Master Boot Record (MBR), and Partition Table.

6. Create a Custom Scheduled (Recurring) Back-up (daily, weekly, or monthly). You decide the exact date and

7. Create a Scheduled 1:1 Synchronized Back-Up of Selected Folders to Another Drive/Partition.

8. Restore Your System /home folders

9. Restore Your / folders

10. Restore Your configuration files

11. Install some common applications (aMSN, aMSN fix, Firestarter, AllTray, and a few others). Nice when you're starting from scratch (clean install)

12. House Cleaning (delete unnecessary files throughout your computer).

13. View or Edit Your Key Files (fstab, menu.lst, and xorg.conf).

14. Back-up Your Master Boot Record (MBR).

15. Back-up Your Windows Partition (dual booters) While in Ubuntu.

16. Format Windows Partition in NTFS with gParted.

17. Restore Your Master Boot Record (MBR).

18. Restore Your Windows Back-Up While in Ubuntu.

19. Download Updates/Upgrades with a click of the mouse.

Install Quickstart in Ubuntu

First you need to download Install_QuickStart.sh file from here you should see similar to the following screen here click on save this will save on your desktop

For 64-bit users install the following packages so your system can run 32-bit applications

sudo apt-get install lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0

Now you need to right-click on the downloaded file and select Properties.In the Properties window,click on Permissions tab and check Allow executing file as program click on Close

Next double-click on the Install_QuickStart.sh and select Run in Terminal

Enter your password and quickstart installation will be completed.

Using Quickstart

If you want to open go to Applications > Accessories > QuickStart.If quickstart found new version you might see A new version available message when you start QuickStart. Click on OK to continue Once quickstart opens you should see similar to the following screen

Now we will install one application from Install common Applications for this you need to select option 10 click ok

You should see available applications here select your application and click ok to install.

One more example select Baclup/Restore Ubuntu option click ok

Select your choice to Backup/restore click ok

One more example select Housecleaning option click ok

Select your option and click ok

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9 Responses

  1. Barry Guyer says:

    Is the site for downloading install_QuickStart.sh still operating? I can’t get any response from it for the past 3 days. Is there an alternative site for downloading?

    Thanks for your time and efforts on your great and helpful site


  2. KevMaverick says:

    In answer to your query Barry, it seems fine now.

    I got this working first time, and I’m really impressed with it. There are so many options included, that I’d have to do manually before, but now you’ve made it all so easy and convenient.

    Thanks for this brilliant and helpful article.


  3. Stan Demetriou says:

    I am beginner, so please bear with me…
    What is the best way to restore a crashed Ubuntu system and files? Quickstart cannot help because it needs Ubuntu to run to begin with, before running option 2.
    All I can think is to have a spare Ubuntu CD and install from there, and then try to untar the backup and install it on top of the basic system.
    Can I use Quickstart in a more intelligent/elgant way for the above purpose?

  4. gerard says:


    I installed QuickStart as recommended. Everything run fine but QuickQtart doesn’t appear in Applications ?! I can’t find QuickStart in the file system using the search function.

    I installed QuickStart twice to avoid errors. I use Jaunty.

    Could you help ?Thanhs.


  5. Paul Valley says:

    could not get quickstart from said link where can I get it

  6. Paul Valley says:

    never mind found it now located here:

  7. xeagle says:

    Anyone send me a copy of quickstart?
    TX,I can’t access the website of quickstart.
    My E-mail is :
    [email protected]

  8. admin says:

    i have updated the link with correct link to download quickstart

  9. riarda says:

    Link is not working now.
    I have installed on Ubuntu QuickStart about a year ago when I was looking a proper backup utility. And then in 2-3 days time I have uninstalled it. But it still seems to work on the background. Everyweekend it starts my trial backup job as a root. I looked at cronjobs of root. No jobs exist. I searched Google but cannot find anything.
    I am usung Ubuntu 10.10.
    Now I want to reinstall and re-uninstall but this time I cannot find the core software.
    Please help

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