Radience Osliner – New Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) Proposed theme

This is a theme pack which was inspired after Radiance Light-theme proposition. All the metacity and the gtk is available.

Download Radience Osliner theme from here

Source from here


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10 thoughts on “Radience Osliner – New Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) Proposed theme

  1. I like Ambiance and Radiance even though a lot of people say it looks like Mac, but this definetly is Mac OSX I don’t want my Window Menues to be in the Gnome-Bar.
    Otherwise nice theme.

  2. Not sure if want. If anyone wants to know what the dock is on the bottom, it’s docky.

  3. Newbie here with Ubuntu Karmic Koala. I downloaded the .gz from the download link at the top of the page here, but Fileroller says that the gzipped file is of “unknown” type. It shows as “Osliner_Radience_by_osliner”

    Give a Ubuntu/Linux newbie a hand here?

  4. Hey, great theme! Can anyone tell me what bars adam uses on the bottem and on the left (screenshot)? They seem handier than gnome-do!

  5. Fred: The docks at the bottom is a program called Docky, it’s the best dock I’ve ever used and it comes in handy. Here’s The PPA


    just add the PPA to your sources and install it, you won’t regret it, it’s part of all my Ubuntu builds since I tried it for the first time.

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