Renamer Nautilus Script

Renamer is a small python script for batch renaming files in nautilus.
Preparing your system

Install following packages from your terminal

sudo apt-get install python-notify

Install renamer in Ubuntu

First you need to download Renamer from here .Now you should be having 87601-nautilus-renamer.tar.gz file extract this file using the following command from your terminal

tar -xzvf 87601-nautilus-renamer.tar.gz

cd nautilus-renamer



Via Ubuntulife

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3 Responses

  1. notDave says:

    Cool script. Thanks for sharing. I would also suggest pyRenamer in the repositories. It has a little more options and provides a preview of the new names.

  2. Lantesh says:

    notDave, thanks for the tip on using pyRenamer. It works great.

  3. JohnnyB says:

    Nice script. Although I haven’t a clue how to use it & cant find the readme. Tried an experiment and it removed about 100 files. Can’t undo either.

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