Sabayon – Manage multiple GNOME user profiles

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Sabayon is a system administration tool to manage GNOME desktop settings. Sabayon provides a sane way to edit GConf defaults and GConf mandatory keys: the same way you edit your desktop. Sabayon launches profiles in an Xnest window. Any changes you make in the Xnest window are saved back to the profile file, which can then be applied to user's accounts.
Currently Sabayon is limited to the creation and update of user preference profiles. It does not deal with the very large problem of actually populating target system with those preferences.

So far Sabayon supports complete files and the configuration format for:

  • GConf
  • Mozilla/Firefox

We are looking into or planning on adding support for the following:


Install Sabayon in ubuntu

sudo apt-get install sabayon

This will complete the installation

Using Sabayon

You can access it via the System -> Administration -> User Profile Editor menu entry

Once it opens click on Add New Profile

Once it opens you need to click on add

Set the profile's name and click on Add button

Select the profil and click on Edit button

Now A new session is opened with the Sabayon user in a Xnest window here Change the settings of the session as you want.


When you modify the session, the settings that you have changed appear in the monitor. For
each setting (line), you can choose if you want to ignore it, to put it mandatory or to put it by

-- To ignore it, notch « Ignore ».

-- To put it mandatory, notch « Mandatory ».

-- To put it by default, don't notch anything.


Then save the profile : -> Profile -> Save


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5 Responses

  1. bengee says:

    it would be great if it works under intrepid and jaunty but it is broken and it doesn’t work so …
    it’s a shame because if it would work it would be one hell of a tool. why doesn’t ubuntu pay some developers to pick this up ?

  2. ovidiu says:

    yepp. been broken for ages…

  3. Matt Hartley says:

    Yup, with the tremendous revenue Canonical receives from /giving away Ubuntu/, clearly they have funds to fix something this trivial. (/sarcasm) 😉

    I agree it would be nice to see this fixed, therefore I would suggest going over to Fundable, starting up a bounty for fix it and take charge of this if it is important to you. Just saying…

  4. Sabayon has been working fine for me in 9.4 since I submitted a replication of a bug that was submitted a long time ago, and then other people confirmed the same bug and someone fixed it. (very detailed explanation, I know…)

    I remember trying it in 9.10 and seem to recall it working there as well, but have yet to try it in 10.04.

    Just wanted to comment on this post since it is one of the first things that comes up on google

  5. edis says:

    It is still broken on Natty. Have seen the same on 10.04 – pity, especially when it lacks something really small.

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