Shell-fm – Console based player for radio streams

shell-fm is a lightweight, console-based player for Last.FM radio streams. It’s pretty small (the binary is currently about 70K, or about 60K when stripped) and it has most features the official player has, if not even a few more. Additional features are, for example:

network interface (control shell-fm remotely)
autoban (automatically ban all tracks of an artist you don’t like)
bookmark stations (quickly jump to bookmarked stations with a single key)
… probably more

Install Shell-fm on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install shell-fm

Using shell-fm


shell-fm [options] [lastfm://url]

Available options


-d -- Starts Shell.FM in daemon mode (fork to background). Requires the socket interface to be set up.

-i address -- Enable the socket interface. This bind a server socket to the given host which, so you can control Shell.FM over Ethernet.

-p port -- Specifies the port for the socket. Default port is 54311.

-D device -- Specifies the audio device you want to use. Default is /dev/dsp.

-y URL -- Proxy URL to connect through.

-h -- Prints help and exit.

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  1. jayjay says:

    i love this but for some reason i can’t get it to scrobble, which is a bit weird for a application :S

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