Speed up your Ubuntu 12.04 with preload

what is preload:-

Preload is nice little application that could make your linux system a lot faster. Preload is an adaptive readahead daemon. It monitors applications that users run, and by analyzing this data, predicts what applications users might run, and fetches those binaries and their dependencies into memory for faster startup times.

Preload packages are available for almost all linux distributions. And it is available by default in the Synaptic Package Manager and Ubuntu Software Center in Ubuntu. Alternatively, you can install it via Terminal. Type this command

sudo apt-get install preload

Thats it. Preload will run silently in the background. If you want to further tweak Preload, conf file is available at /etc/preload.conf.

Note that installing preload will not make your system boot faster and that preload is a daemon that runs with root priviledges.

And see the difference.

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  1. Anderson Venturini says:

    Thanks for the tip! Gonna check how good it works. 😉

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