Terminator – Multiple GNOME terminals in one window

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This is a project to produce an efficient way of filling a large area of screen space with terminals. This is done by splitting the window into a resizeable grid of terminals. As such, you can produce a very flexible arrangements of terminals for different tasks.

At the moment, Terminator is available for Ubuntu Hardy and you can install from source in Feisty,Gutsy etc

You can download Terminator source code from here this is only for who is using ubuntu 7.10 and below version users

If you are using hardy use the following command to install

sudo aptitude install terminator

Install terminator in ubuntu gutsy,feisty etc

Download source code from here .Now you have terminator_0.8.1.tar.gz file extract this file using the following command

tar xzvf terminator_0.8.1.tar.gz

Now you have terminator-0.8.1 directory

cd terminator-0.8.1

Install termonator using the following command

sudo ./setup.py install

This will complete the installation

Using Terminator

Now if you want to open terminator use the following command from your terminal


Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen

Now if you want to split your views you need to Right-Clicking on a terminal view you should see similar to the following options

After splitting your terminal you can see similar to the following screen

Using your multi view terminals in action

You can use the following keys to split your terminal views

Ctrl-Shift-E: will split the view vertically.

Ctrl-Shift-O: will split the view horizontally.

Ctrl-Shift-P: will focus be active on the previous view.

Ctrl-Shift-N: will focus be active on the next view.

Ctrl-Shift-W: will close the view where the focus is on.

Ctrl-Shift-Q: will exit terminator.

F11: will make terminator go fullscreen.

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15 thoughts on “Terminator – Multiple GNOME terminals in one window

  1. good howto. i looked at terminator and could not figure out the obvious (how to split terminal screens) until your article.

    how did you get transparency working? probably just as obvious.

    thanks for a useful entry.

  2. That transparency writeup will make a standard Gnome terminal window transparent, but not a Terminator window. Would you kindly be more specific?


  3. Apparently it was disabled in 0.8.1 due to bug, since 8.10 release of Ubuntu comes with 0.11 release of Terminator, transparency can be enabled back. I think they just forgot to remove the default check. You can enable it back by adding this to ~/.config/terminator/config


    Hope this helps.


  4. I would like to see session manager for terminator in future releases.
    I split one terminal into four different terminals. On each terminal I am in different paths.
    I would like to the save the current state/session.

    Whenever I want to resume, I would like to “File->Open saved sessions” and it should put me into the saved state.

  5. One thing I noticed with 0.12-2 version (ubuntu jaunty) was that the terminator/config under the .config folder was never created, even if I attempted to change settings in the terminator profile dialog. I had to manually create both folder and file to add Rizwan’s settings, and voila, my transparency finally works. Strange.

  6. FIXME hide/unhide:
    implemented but not working?? i tried to make terminator work like guake/yaquake, the man file offers a option bur no terminator is comming up.

  7. Gosh !! I could sell Mom and Dad to have this feature :O !!!

    is it implemented already 🙂 ??

  8. Is there a way to open a new set of tabs within an element of the grid? What I need is a 2×2 grid, with each grid element having 16 tabs.

  9. Very cool. I was browsing the software center for something completely unrelated and stumbled across terminator. Just a few minutes later I am using it like a pro. The keyboard shortcuts are extremely useful.

    I have always used Guake for my terminal needs, but this is a good one too. I’ll probably keep Guake around for one-off commands and use terminator for my in-depth SSH connections and server maintenance.

    Thanks for the useful tutorial.

  10. https://github.com/vahidhedayati/termssh try this out – an addon shell script which allows you to define the server names and window amount it then opens up connections to all defined hosts and sets up windows per tab.

    termssh -x 2 -n “mytest” -w 8 -r -s “apache[01-10]lon”

    this will connect -x 2 which means twice label this connection as my test -w 8 which means 8 windows per tab – this can be 2 4 8 and finally -s for server name which can use “server(a|b|c)[a-z][0-99]” or -s “servername” the round brackets with pipes to look for servera serverb serverc the [a-z] serveraa-serveraz same for b same for c and [0-99] all the combo so far 0-99 times more so serveraa0-serveraz99 and so on.

  11. Unfortunately the text (when right klikking) for splitting vertical and horizontal has been switched and is in conflict with the small icon left of the text(at least on an Ubuntu with a danish profile)

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