TuxGuitar – A multitrack guitar tablature editor and player

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TuxGuitar is a multitrack guitar tablature editor and player written in Java-SWT, It can open GuitarPro, PowerTab and TablEdit files, and export to standart file-formats such as MIDI, Lilyond and MusicXML. This is a native package compiled with Excelsior JET.

TuxGuitar, you will be able to compose music using the following features

Tablature editor
Score Viewer
Multitrack display
Autoscroll while playing
Note duration management
Various effects (bend, slide, vibrato, hammer-on/pull-off)
Support for triplets (5,6,7,9,10,11,12)
Repeat open and close
Time signature management
Tempo management
Imports and exports gp3,gp4 and gp5 files

Install TuxGuitar in Ubuntu

sudo aptitude install tuxguitar

This will install all the required packages for tuxguitar.

Using TuxGuitar

If you want to use TuxGuitar go to Applications--->Sound & Video--->TuxGuitar

TuxGuitar is loading

Once it opens you should see similar to the following screen

TuxGuitar Version details

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  1. Used Guitars says:

    Nice posts. Keep it up.

  2. mr man says:

    Its not a nice post. Theres no link to downlaod the software which ive been looking for like it advertised and is full of adverts, and messy.

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