Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Has 100 Paper Cuts Again

Started during the Ubuntu 9.10 development cycle was an Ubuntu project to address paper cuts in Ubuntu, or rather small usability bugs in Ubuntu and the Linux desktop that are often only minor impairments or annoyances, but these easy-to-fix issues have never been heavily targeted for correction. These "paper cuts" are often spotted by new Linux users but frequently go unnoticed to those that have been using the Linux desktop for a while and are accustomed to its shortcomings. Most of the 100 paper cuts targeted for Ubuntu 9.10 were addressed (the official count seems to be at 76), but this project is going to live on with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will have ten rounds to fix 100 (or more) paper cuts in time for the Lucid Lynx before it is released in April. Each of these paper cut healing rounds are themed from "Kibosh on Karmic" to "Paper Jam: Sound & Video" to "Paper Jam: Compiz Settings." Three of the ten rounds are focused on addressing the outstanding paper cuts from Ubuntu 9.10. Many of the paper cuts for the later rounds of bug fixing though have yet to be singled out.

If all goes according to plan, 100 paper cuts will be healed by the end of February. The Launchpad area tracking the 100 paper cuts for Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" is available from this page.

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5 Responses

  1. DaVince says:

    Interesting! These minor problems are very important to fix too, good to see there’s an initiative of taking care of it.

  2. jordanwb says:

    Is privilege granting one of them? It’s annoying to have to click a button then type your password as opposed to just asking for the password via gksu[do]

  3. Ferdinand says:

    Switch Mic Boost is also calculated?

  4. madhukar says:

    Good move…If Linux has to be adopted by the end users this type of projects needs to get more importance

  5. DaVince says:

    jordanwb: what exactly do you mean? Are you talking about the “unlock” button some of the configuration apps have? This is done because some users might have the right privileges by default to not need superuser access.

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