Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Release Schedule

The release schedule for the upcoming Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system has been published on the Ubuntu wiki. The distribution will be released at the end of April 2012.

Note:-codename for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has not been chosen yet

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Release Schedule

1St December 2011 -- Alpha1

2nd February 2012 -- Alpha2

1St March 2012 -- Beta1

22nd March 2012 -- Beta2

19th April 2012 -- Release Candidate

26th April 2012 -- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS final

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15 Responses

  1. Reza says:

    what are the changes? wondering if ubuntu is still insisting on the crappy unity ?

  2. Fokke says:

    If Ubuntu sticks to Unity, count me out.

  3. Randy says:

    I think unity will be around for some time guys. As long as Gnome 3 is an option, I’ll continue using it. however, if Canonical drops everything else in favor of unity, then I’ll have to find another distro.

  4. Ade says:

    @Reza & Fokke: Canonical are very persistent with Unity. They’ve been developing it for more or less a year, and I doubt they’ll be about to drop it just because of criticisms, even though they derive from a majority of Ubuntu users.
    IMO, I believe they have invested too much on Unity to much abandon the project. They can only continue to develop and improve it. 🙂

    @Randy: Unity in 11.10 (and most probably 12.04) is running GNOME3. I think you’re mistaking Unity and GNOME3 as Desktop Environments.
    GNOME3 is a version the GNOME DE, with GNOME Shell as the default shell. Unity, however, is not a DE and has never been; it’s a shell, just like GNOME Shell.

  5. Todd H. says:

    We hate change. We fear change. We fight change.

    Unity is here to stay, boys.

  6. arscariosus says:

    Unity isn’t so bad. I used it before and didn’t like it; but I just installed 11.04 and I was surprised at how much it has changed. It was a lot snappier now and the Expose-like features, although no original, makes me more productive.

  7. Yuriy Voziy says:

    Unity is fine but rapid X-Freezes killing me.

  8. Terry Stasio says:

    Wow. I’m not sure I understand the people that are acting like Ubuntu isn’t worth using if Unity is staying. There are a lot of distros to choose from, but I think some are missing a major point of choosing GNU/Linux as an OS — you get to choose how you want it. If you don’t like the desktop that comes with your distro then install a different one. If you don’t know how or don’t want to go through the trouble then try one of the derivatives. Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc., are STILL Ubuntu underneath. It’s really not that hard.

  9. Sean Burns says:

    ubuntu 12.04 how about: “Prosperous Penguin”?

  10. Serva says:

    Good afternoon , Unity its not for me, it is not productiv , right now i use Kubuntu 11,10 and i’am very happy with this distro , there are another distros Ubuntu based like Mint or Pinguy , they are fantastic too .



  11. Pawel Kubas says:

    Kubuntu is right way to go since year or two, I was giving ubuntu a try one for a while on gnome and – unity.
    I could accept gnome, but Unity is just below any reasonable scale of comfort of using operating system.

  12. Pavane says:

    I’m ‘relatively’ new to Ubuntu – converted from Mandriva – and the concept of Unity seems to be a decent idea, but as with most things which are new to development, has it’s problems. Remember Linux was always the ‘geeks toy’ until the likes of Mandrake tidied up the install procedure thereby making it more ‘open’ to converts. Give it time, it will mature, and likely become a much more appreciated feature

  13. esp says:

    I love unity from release 11.10. For example, with unity you are very quick at the program or document you want. But it take me a while before i knew how ..!

    When you would like to search use the window button. When you don’t release you see at the left the programbar with a number in each program. So you choose the number you are there. When you don’t choose a number but release the window button you will get the “explorer” from ubuntu. And then type the program or document name you want. Or search with the options on the right side. It work so well… thanks a lot to Ubuntu!

  14. Trapper says:

    Unfortunately, Unity will remain Ubuntu’s top DE priority. Making matters worse, Gnome 3 is also lacking. Both of these factors are chasing many, many users to other DE’s that might not be quite to their satisfaction but are reasonable alternatives to 2 DE’s that absolutely fail in a bona fide workstation environment.

    If you are expecting Unity to eventually develop into a reasonable production environment desktop you are only trying to fool yourself. It’s layout is geared and intended for smaller appliances and for socialization. It’s not and never will be a true production desktop environment.

    I suspect Gnome is already discovering the need to revamp their Gnome3 offering back into something that has the configurability and ease of use that was present in Gnome2. There’s a rule: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, Gnome failed to follow that rule.

  15. fleo says:

    tomorrow is the day for the final release, I use ubuntu 11.04 with unity. Sure I was disapointed in the beginning but its not that bad now, I’m used to it and many things have improved !

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