Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) Release Dates

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In addition to Ubuntu 6-months stable releases and the next version of ubuntu is 7.10 with Code Name “Gutsy Gibbon”.

Mark Shuttleworth about Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

On a personal note, the monkey on my back has been composite-by-default,which I had hoped would happen in Edgy, then Feisty. I'm nervous to predict it now for Gutsy, for fear of a third strike, but I'm told that great work is being done in the Compiz/Beryl community and upstream in X. There's a reasonable chance that Gutsy will deliver where those
others have not. I remain convinced that malleable, transparent and extra-dimensional GUI's are a real opportunity for the free software community to take a lead in the field of desktop innovation, and am keen to see the underlying technologies land in Ubuntu, but we have to balance that enthusiasm with the Technical Board's judgement of the
stability and maturity of those fundamental layers.

Now you can make a note of ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) release dates in you calender

Important Dates

April 2007

April 26th -- Toolchain Uploaded

May 2007

May 10th -- Development Summit

May 31st -- Specifications must be finalized

June 2007

June 7th -- Tribe CD 1

June 21th -- DebianImportFreeze ,Remaining upstream merges completed, Rebuild Test

June 28st -- Tribe CD 2

July 2007

July 12th -- Developer Sprint

July 19th -- Tribe CD 3

August 2007

August 16th -- FeatureFreeze,UpstreamVersionFreeze ,ArtworkDeadlineOne,UVF Universe

August 23rd -- Tribe CD 5

August 30th -- ArtworkDeadlineTwo,NewPackagesFreezeUniverse

September 2007

September 6th -- Tribe CD 6

September 13th -- StringFreeze

September 20th -- BetaFreeze,FeistyArtworkFinalDeadline

September 27th -- BetaRelease

October 2007

October 4th -- NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline,KernelFreeze

October 11th -- ReleaseCandidate,LanguagePackTranslationDeadline

October 18th -- FinalRelease

Details about Each Release

Feature Freeze

The point at which we cease creating and modifying internal features and packages. This means we’re pretty much locked down for bugfixes only.

Exceptions requiring confirmation

Packages in or relating to high-priority ReleasenameFeatureGoals

Major/minor fixes, within reason

Exceptional circumstances

Upstream Version Freeze

The point at which we cease accepting new upstream versions of packages, whether they are sourced from Debian or not. Selected Debian releases of the same upstream versions may still be pulled in for bug-fixes, but this would be a manual process.

Exceptions requiring confirmation

Packages in or relating to FeatureGoals

Minor fixes, if the upstream change is a micro-increment (or equivalent)

Major fixes, particularly blockers, if the upstream change is a minor-increment (or equivalent)

Exceptional circumstances

String Freeze

A string freeze is initiated in the project when all the human readable portions of code are no longer allowed to change. This gives the translation teams a chance to complete their translations without having to redo changed text. It also allows documentation to mention the actual UI names and messages.

Beta Freeze

Anal-retentive, high-caution period until the Beta Release goes out. Release and relevant section team confirmed fixes only! Once the BetaRelease is shipped, we roll back to FeatureFreeze status.

Exceptions requiring confirmation



Exceptional circumstances

Beta Release

The BetaRelease is a testing oriented pre-release, usually one month before the Final Release.

Non Language Pack Translation Deadline

Some translation data cannot currently be updated via the language pack mechanism. Because these items require more disruptive integration work, they are subject to an earlier deadline. Translations which fall into this category are:

The Ubuntu installer

Translations which don’t use gettext, including:


debconf templates

desktop notifications via notification-daemon

Strings visible in the default desktop (live CDs don’t get language pack updates)

Default menu items

Panel strings

All menu entries in KDE applications, which does not support translation via language packs

Kernel Freeze

The kernel freeze is a deadline for kernel updates, since they require several lockstep actions which must be folded into the CD building process. As with other freeze dates, exceptional circumstances may justify exemptions to the freeze, at the exception of the release managers.

Release Candidate (RC)

The release candidate is a production-quality pre-release one week before the final release.

Language Pack Translation Deadline

Translation data using the Language Pack mechanism is due at this deadline.

See NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline for non Language Pack data.

Final Release

The final release is the finished product which is distributed with an official Ubuntu release number.

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