Ubuntu Eee undergoes Easy Peasy rebrand

An Ubuntu Linux-based distro landed this week for netbook users with the annoying sounding name of Easy Peasy 1.0.

Easy Peasy, previously known as Ubuntu Eee, has dropped the Eee tag to signal that they’re gunning for more than just the Asus netbook market.

The new moniker, logo and website should also help the outfit distinguish itself from Ubuntu’s sponsor Canonical or netbook vendor Asustek.

"The Easy Peasy (formerly Ubuntu Eee) project is not affiliated with Canonical/Ubuntu, nor is it affiliated with Asus/Eee PC. Easy Peasy is a stand-alone project and is under re-branding to avoid these trademarks,” it said.

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3 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Personally I think Xubuntu would work fine. That’s probably what I would go with anyway.

  2. anderl says:

    I installed it on my 904 eeePC and I must say that it’s running flawlessly. It came with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix pre-installed, which I found hard to get up and running on vanilla Ubuntu. the remix takes a little getting used to, but I find it to be a great real estate saver on the eeePC’s 1024×768 screen.
    In addition, the kernel is tweaked for more energy efficiency. What I’m not too happy with is their choice of pre-installed software and their tweaks to /etc/apt/sources.list, with some preference for non-free software such as Skype or Google’s Picasa.

  3. Jan Wesselink says:

    Easy peasy is one of the few distros that works flawlessly ( out of the box ) on my Acer aspire 5315 with an atheros ar5007eg wireless card, and believe me… i tried a lot distros on this laptop (pardus, mandriva, pclos, ubuntu 8.04, and so on…)
    Some distros SEEMS to work with this wlan card but sooner or later they just cut off the connection or give much trouble with the wireless connection.
    if i knew that getting my wireless to work would be so difficult i would bought another laptop 🙂

    Great job from the easy-peasy community!!!


    Ubuntu 8.10 also works fine with the backports ath5k driver on acer 5315.



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