Ubuntu Netbook Edition Review

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I got a very good conditioned asus eeepc 701 and the first distro of choice after chatting on freenode channel #eeepc was ubuntu netbook edition or une for short (10.04 Lucid). I took the advice and installed away via the instructions from the webpage but there was a glitch.. I ended up having to mount the usb and having to rename the file isolinux.cfg inside of the isolinux directory to syslinux.cfg as well as renaming the folder isolinux to syslinux.

The install is simple enough I don't have to tell you that. I let the installer have it's way with the 4GB solid state disk soldered into this netbook. But why does une require 4GB of space for netbooks ? Well, it turns out that shotwell had not managed to replace f-spot as of yet and tomboy is still being used by mono as well even though gnote exists along with the countless other "note" taking applications. So many applications installed by default, needless to say I freed up over 1.4GB of space by removing lots and lots of unneeded applications.

I'm using web apps for most of the tasks, using chrome (open source version) but midori would probably be just as good and I probably will switch. Turns out there are plenty of web im apps and they work with the webcam & mic just perfect so no need for wasted space on chat applications of any kind. It's called a netbook for a reason. And the net is very good at the moment with a plethora of applications for the using.

But wow the user interface is really awesome (kudos on that canonical & tm.). The only problem I've had is wanting to add weblinks to my ‘favorites'. And I did have to fool around a bit to make a favorite so that nautilus opened to a certain directory on an extra 16GB SD card. I've not modified the desktop to make any change as it's easy enough but it could be simplified even more.

From my end-user view if revenue is of interest to whomever (and it is) maybe offer up more web services and not charge for apps but for the services ie office, chat, email, server usage for downloading apps rather then charging for apps. Making the une much lighter as a result and freeing up space for, ahem, people's FILES you know pictures, documents, music etc.. It's called a netbook for a reason.

In the end I'm happy with une on the ole eeepc and thank those who make it available.

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6 Responses

  1. tester says:

    It is possible to install the OS on the 16 GB partition (sdb1) and assign the 4 GB partition to /home (sda1).
    If more than 4 GB user space is needed, I connect a USB drive.

  2. isaba says:

    We have UNE installed on both our netbook…and desktop (wow!). We are a family of 5 (3 children), all of us with a different user and everything goes so smooth and clean that the experience cannot be more satisfactory.

  3. zob says:

    I agree this 10.10 netbook ed UI i great.

    But (I also have an eeepc 701 – atheros ar5001 wifi) when wifi drops below around 70% strength it is unusable. Either i gets really slow (more than 1 min to load google.com) er connection just drops.

    Do you get the same problem?

  4. kenneth.h says:

    I’ve yet to get a wireless signal where I reside and I’ve also yet to order a wireless router so I’m of no help. But, the ubuntugeek forum may be of more assistance or the #eeepc chat room as cited above.

  5. zob says:

    Thanks. I totally forgot about your forum. And you’re right – the eeepc chatroom. That might be even more interesting.

  6. olivierz says:

    Brilliant, and don’t forget to install Opera and enable the fit to page option on opera. No more side scrolling because of the limited horizontal resolution. It does screw up the gmail page though.

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