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  1. Isaac says:

    Ubuntu 9.04? why?

    maybe I do need to upgrade…

  2. OJay says:

    > 10GB Monthly Storage Plan ($10.00 (USD) per month)

    If you ask me, they are too late. There are already others who do it cheaper and are already established.

  3. Michael says:

    Hmm not really sure how this differentiates itself from a service such as DropBox except that DropBox has clients for all OS and thus your are never forced to use a webinterface for your other computers running inferior OS.

    Either pump up the free online space or make windows / MAC clients as well

  4. yurasuka says:

    Isaac. I wouldnt upgrade just for this. WHY limit it to only Jaunty? It’s not cross platform, and Michael with his silly “inferior OS” quip, pretty narrow minded mate.

  5. Michael says:

    Well my comment about inferior OS was thought of as a humourus statement. I can see now it didn’t work very well on print as it did when i thought it out. My bad. Sorry about that.

    I acknowledge that different OS has different strengths. I work in a linux/Windows mixed environment. I still find Linux (ubuntu) the more powerfull OS but for some task i must use Windows XP.

    However it still puzzles me what makes Ubuntu One any bit practical when it limits the user to one single version of one single distro. And rely on Webinterface for everything else. If this app has any hidden features or strenghts that makes it rise above similar services such as dropbox then please enlighten me!

  6. Andrew says:

    Someone will hack this for other distros, don’t worry. Canonical can’t honestly expect to lock this down to just their OS.

  7. paperclip says:

    This will be most likely be included in all future Ubuntu releases. People will use it over the “other guys” out of good will or because it’s the path of least resistance. Either way, I don’t think it’s a great idea. But it is a way for Canonical to get some cash flow by providing a simple service. I can’t complain.

    As far as hacking this for other distros. I doubt anyone does, and if they do I’m suspect it won’t be a very popular backup option. Why would it when there are already services that readily support those distros and backup software for any *nix that support other (less expensive) clouds like amazon’s S3? For example Backup Manager or brackup..

  8. Michael says:

    Has anyone received a confirmation yet? I’m still awaiting the approval. I have subscribed just right after reading this blog (19th)

  9. jkwq says:

    it just 4 ubuntu 9.04?

  10. Michael says:

    Yes, this is the version I use.
    Still no response. Anyone has success with this project?

  11. Zeke Krahlin says:

    I can see Linux users running in droves, stumbling all over themselves to pay a whopping 10 dollars per month for a measly 10 gigs. Talk about a bad business move. Canonical, get over yourself! One of the reasons I joyfully use Ubuntu as my one and only OS, is to move away from proprietary and pricey services.

  12. Technoslick says:

    You Ubu-nerds are so frickin’ impatient. This is still in beta, as in ‘we can still change things, guys.’ Like, in ‘We may make it cheaper, or give you more, or just plain change it to suit your desires.’ Give Canonical a break for the time being. Youze guys are worse than my kids.

    Yes, I got my invitation and am now connected to Ubuntu One in my Jaunty workstation. Installed and connected per the instructions without a hitch. YMMV.

    As for paying for the service, I am in no hurry. I’m for helping them get the service running right first, then assessing whether to pay or not. I guess I have a little more patience than some here.

  13. Zeke Krahlin says:

    Technoslick: I am very much for Ubuntu’s success, but when I see them make an obviously bad business move, I will point it out. It is *so* important to me for Ubuntu to succeed, I’d rather speak out when I see them err, than remain silent. Their pricing for online storage is so out of line with the much lower cost of what’s already provided by other services, that I am compelled to speak up. By remaining silent (as you suggest) we would not be giving Canonical a break…in fact, we would be complicit in supporting a failed business model. In a nutshell: Who *isn’t* repulsed by price sharks?

  14. Technoslick says:

    Zeke: I believe you. However, keep in mind that the *tone* in which we raise our disappointments can often bely our true concerns. Canonical is a money-making organization that happens to support a freely offered Open Source commodity. One of the best ways to make change is by working within the system they have put into place to gage success or failure. Constructive comments and suggestions are one way, but they will rely mostly on their marketing results. If many do not pay for the service (and of course, comment accordingly) Canonical will adjust accordingly. Shuttleworth didn’t build this company up to where it is solely on idealism. And based on the fact that he offers so much to the Linux community “freely”, I find it quite easy to let my wallet do the talking instead of my overactive fingers at a keyboard.

    That all said, your belief that voicing your concern is necessary does fall upon a basic truth, and I give you credit for this. Now I know you aren’t just a belly-acher who doesn’t like paying for something.

    But not everyone feels as you do toward Ubuntu, or Linux in general, and they also make themselves heard with the potential to color the tone of those who do care. For this reason alone, we the concerned need to be be positive chargers so that the others can’t ruin what we care so much about. Riots have started on less than what we are discussing.

    Denying Canonical a paid subscription will send a clearer message than ridiculing them for being too into themselves. Money talks, the talk more often just walks.

  15. Zeke Krahlin says:


    My “tone of voice” was certainly *not* inappropriate. “Overactive fingers at a keyboard” indeed! Then you say, “Riots have started on less than what we are discussing.” What’s this about overactive fingers? Furthermore:

    Denying Canonical a paid subscription is *not* a clearer message than upfront criticism, that’s an unproven assumption. You imply that I ridiculed them…sorry, but no, and I don’t appreciate your false assumptions as to where I’m coming from. Be that as it may, ridicule has proven to be a powerful force in making those in power change policy, similar to satire. Lastly:

    Your “money talks” is an old saw that should have gone the way of the Hula Hoop. Ever hear of “open source”? Your points smack of snobbery and served no real purpose.

  16. Zeke Krahlin says:

    Technoslick: I have some more thoughts on the matter, which you have inspired (thank you very much). For one, I really wish my ideas were able to spark a revolution…Goddess knows I’ve been trying for years via my site Two:

    I really do despise the idea of money being the ultimate measure of all things, usurping even ethics and compassion. Capitalism is likely to destroy our planet, very soon. Its agenda of profit over lives goes a long way to empower evil people…look where we are now, as a result. Because I have always seen the wrongs of capitalist business “ethics” I have always supported those projects that are devoted towards humane alternatives. Ubuntu is one of them.

    Likewise, the Linux community, at least in large part. However, there are those with capitalist notions who’ve joined the game and attempt to thwart such projects, interjecting their distorted ideology with ridiculous statements like “Money talks.”

    Yes indeed, money talks. And blasphemy is the language of the almighty dollar. If Canonical’s ridiculous ripoff deal is the creation of a capitalist goon: for shame!

    Otherwise, I am totally impressed by Shuttleworth’s project to use his vast wealth to better the lives of those less fortunate…and wish him only great success. For it will be a success of many others, who cannot afford the ridiculous extortion by that capitalist monopoly known as MicroSlut.

  17. 10$ x 10 months = 100$
    That a lots of money for 10GB not to mention the bandwidth you need to use for upload and download.
    I just got an external 1TB drive for just over 100$ it one hundred time the space for the same investment. The free 2GB now that my kind of price!

  18. Dave Smith says:

    I prefer dropbox, it’s compatible with almost everything (Mac, Windows, Linux, most phones, etc.) and you can get more space with their referral program.

    For example, signup with this link: and you & I both get 250 MB. You can then invite people to get more space (up to 10.5GB).

    You also get more free space by doing their little tutorial and other promotions.

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