Ubuntu tip: How to reset compiz settings to default system settings from command-line

This tutorial will explain How to reset compiz settings to default system settings from command-line

Open the terminal and run the following command

gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz

Finally restart your system

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10 Responses

  1. drewsus says:

    You should detail how to backup your current config this way and how to restore it.

  2. ubuntu-user@localhost says:


    I love this site!

    I’m brazilian, I don’t speak english, but i can understand using Google Translate.

    The compiz-fusion effects were not working here, when I ran that command, they went back to work!

    THANKS and sorry for my english xD

  3. DoNNie_DarkO says:

    Thanx man!!

    This command saved me too much trouble

  4. Roberto Marin says:

    Thanks! Solve my problems! 🙂

  5. Philippe says:

    Damn I was trying to solve this problem for over 3 hours, and with this simple command it’s all solved! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! 🙂

  6. tobias says:

    You might also want to try ccsm => preferences, and choose “Reset to defaults”.
    That worked better for me (with Ubuntu Unity).

  7. nani says:

    not work for me…

  8. Ayke van Laethem says:

    Strange. Alt+F2 wasn’t working in gnome3. When I resetted the compiz settings, it worked as before. But, AFAIK gnome3 doesn’t use compiz!

  9. Dade says:

    Thank god that worked, that was getting to be a bit much … compiz went insane! … it turned white into black and up into down and my terminal transparent … that was crazy! … this command straightened everything back out.
    Cool! Thanks!

    I tried CCSM > Preferences > Reset to Defaults and restarted but that didn’t do anything.

    Never log out while playing with the settings in CCSM … compiz goes nuts!

  10. kello says:

    yesterday i was tryng install cube efect on ubuntu 12.04 then askme if i wan to desactivate “something”… and i say yes…. then restart sistem….. when starts again dont appear the launch and icons bars… only the pics and documents i had on desk……


    i will try: reset to defaults
    or: gconftool-2 –recursive-unset /apps/compiz

    ill tell you if ti work on me…

    gracias… thanks……

    ill acept.. help help…

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