uSbuntu Live Creator – Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI

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uSbuntu Live Creator does almost the same thing as the USB Live Creator included in the 8.10 except it has more features.It is working with Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu and it allows you to run your USB key directly in windows without any software installation nor configuration, using a special portable version of VirtualBox.
It's really easy to use.
Creating an uSbuntu key is a five easy steps process

step 1 : launch the uSbuntu Live Creator and choose a USB key or drive in the list

step 2 : select a ISO file or CD of Ubuntu/KubuntuXubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

step 3 : choose the size of persistency data (usually more than 250MB)

step 4 : check the options you want

step 5 : click the thunder to start the creation

Do not forget to use the customized helps (top-right end corner of each step).

Moreover, each needed step (1,2 and 3) has a traffic light to indicate its state. This is the interpretation

Red light : the step is not correctly fulfilled, you cannot start the creation

Orange light : there is a non blocking problem on the step

Green light : everything's fine

Download uSbuntu Live Creator from here

uSbuntu Live Creator Preview

uSbuntu Live Creator

uSbuntu Live Creator

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  1. rahul says:

    Nice software, but i was interested to know, where does the RAM it uses come from? From the hard drive or from the USB stick?

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