Wacom Control Panel – Easily configure wacom tablet

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You can now easily configure a wacom tablet on linux!

This utility allows you to:
-- Automatically detect and configure a wide range of wacom products
-- Set custom key commands or mouse buttons to a tablet's shortcut buttons
-- Set custom pressure curve on each of the tablet's input devices
-- Automatically remembers and reapplies settings on startup
-- At present, serial and bluetooth tablets are not yet supported.

1. Open GIMP
2. In the Edit menu, click on preferences
3. Click on Input Devices
4. Click on Configure Extended Input Devices
5. For the devices; stylus, eraser and cursor, set the Mode to ‘Screen'
6. Click Save, then Ok and you're done!

Install Wacom Control Panel in ubuntu 10.04

First you need to download .deb package from here you can install this deb package by double clicking on it


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25 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    I believe this depends on wacom-tools to function, which has been replaced in 10.4
    I can run the application, but can’t actually change anything or get to any information.

    One day someone will get their game together and actually make a gui to control Wacom that works on all systems.

  2. e.m.fields says:

    does not seem to be working on Maverick 10.10 alpha 3, and I suspect that it’s the same as Michael’s problem above. I can install and run the utility, but it doesn’t seem to be able to change anything.

    Sucks, I was pretty excited – would be nice to finally have nice GUI for wacom configuration.

  3. dRewsus says:

    Easier way to install Wacom Control Panel:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hughescih/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install wacom-dkms

    That gets you the exact same .deb file from the OP but keeps it up to date (relative to the ppa of course)

    But before that, if you haven’t already, here is a ppa for the wacom package:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:doctormo/wacom-plus
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install wacom-dkms

  4. Gabor says:

    It doesn’t work on maverick. There is no rep for maverick. I found only for Lucid. The developer didn’t implemented for maverick.

  5. Alter Ego says:

    I really tried to figure out where to download that driver… I couldn’t find it… Totally disappointment and waste of time to me.
    I’m not a geek, just ordinary guy who wants to use the device he has bought. Maybe i should go back to Windows, then?

  6. Drewsus says:

    Alter Ego,
    Did you read my post above? Both PPAs seem to be updated for maverick, although I have no tried as the wacom I used previously is 8 hours away in Northern Ontario.

  7. Drewsus says:

    and @Gabor, it seems to have been updated for Maverick mid November.

  8. chris says:

    drewsus: 8 hours distance in norther ontario is basically your backyard. stop complaining and move to a smaller country. (just kidding… I am a one of us)

    everyone else: seems to work AOK on maverick and a bamboo pen and touch. just did a small test, but I see nothing wrong. gestures seem to work as well

  9. drewsus says:

    I know you were “just kidding” but I don’t see where I complained about anything…
    What I was saying is that I am at uni in Toronto and my family lives 8 hours away where I bought and installed her bamboo fun so I can’t confirm how well it still works. Trust me, 8 hours is nothing to me… but *everyone* else in Toronto? I might as well live on the moon.

  10. chris says:

    Actually, I cannot change anything in the GUI either. Is this something I am doing wrong, or common? I would like to be able to change the button on the pen.

  11. mathew boston says:

    Well all I did was

    sudo apt-get install wacom-utility
    sudo apt-get update

    worked perfectly fine for me (Ubuntu 10.10)

  12. Pilsner Drinker says:

    @mathew boston: How on earth did you get this happen? I can’t install anything with that rhime..?

    I use U10.10 and all I get is “E: Unable to locate package wacom-utility”.
    This is really annoying.. If I plug my kids bamboo to my ubuntu-box, it works fine. But if I plug my Pen&Touch to my Ubuntu-box, it doesn’t work at all…

    I know I’m not a geek, but still, usually I can find my way in Linux-land pretty easily.. 🙁

  13. magnus says:

    Hi, I’ve installed the packages. Where do i find the wacom-controlpanel and/or how do i start it from the terminal?


  14. magnus says:

    Found it, synaptic. Sorry I’m new to this. Apparently no support for Bamboo CTH-461 though.

  15. yves says:

    Hi, i’m running ubuntu 11.04 64bits. my tablets are working correctly except that pressing the buttons on the pad doesn’t do anything. i installed Wacom control panel. seems to work fine. except that when i select the pad, in front of each button number is an error message : “cannot find device ‘Wacom Instuos….pad id:14 type:’ ”
    i get this result with all my 3 tablets (intuos3 and 4). I suppose it’s a driver problem, but i can’t succeed at installing any. in particular all methods indicated in the WacomLatestDriver Ubuntu documentation page fail (most of the time with a “file not found” error message.
    Any indication ?

  16. Lawrence says:

    Well, Here is my experience;
    This worked to install:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hughescih/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install wacom-utility

    However, when I load the software, I get a message “Cannot Find Device Intuos3 6X8 pad” on the pads menu. Of course, I brought that menu up on an Intuos3 6X8 pad by using the pen, so we know the device exists and is being recognized at least to place a cursor on the screen. Any suggestions?

  17. Alexander says:

    Got a wacom bamboo cth-461 – wacom control panel does not work. it does not find a tablet.

    luckily, pen cth-461 works under 11.04 out of the box, but the touchpad is jumpy

  18. Juan says:

    I want to migrate to Linux, kubuntu specifically, but I use a Cintiq 12wx, it’s a crucial part of my pipeline. Until this is up and running, I can´t take the plunge.

  19. Theo says:


    I am very new to Ubuntu but have installed Unity on 11.04, I bought a Bamboo Pen and Touch today and found that it did not work when I first plugged it in. I have tried installing drivers via terminal and the tablet now gives a reaction. However the touch is erratic with the pointer jumping when both touching and releasing the pad. The pen engages before touching the tablet (when held around 3mm above) and clicks upon contact. I haven’t found any adjustment options on my computer, which seems to simply treat it as an extension on my mouse pad. I have been scanning the forums for the last couple of hours but to no avail. I would appreciated it greatly if somebody could help me.

  20. IPacifique says:

    Why not disable the touch feature(do you really use the touch)?
    If I understood perfectly what you have stated, I would say, write a script that toggles the touch off and on when using the pen. I have had issues where when using the pen, the touch will move my cursor simultaneously along with pen causing some pretty annoying results. Try this:

    Step 1: Create a directory called “bin” within your home directory.

    Step 2: Within the “bin” directory, create an empty file.

    Step 3: Open that new file and copy & paste this script:


    ## Get the “Device name” or ID number
    ## for touch from ‘xsetwacom list dev’

    DEVICE=”Wacom Bamboo 2FG 4×5 Finger touch”
    TOUCH_STATE=`xsetwacom get “$DEVICE” touch`
    if [ “$TOUCH_STATE” == “on” ]
    echo “Touch is ON, turning OFF.”
    xsetwacom set “$DEVICE” touch off
    echo “Touch is OFF, turning ON.”
    xsetwacom set “$DEVICE” touch on

    notify-send -t 5500 “Wacom Tablet Touch function is off”

    Note use ‘xsetwacom list dev’ in terminal to find out your device name and use it in place of the device in the code above. I have a Wacom Bamboo 2FG 4×5 Finger touch so I used that, you might have a different one.

    Step 4: Now save the file as “toggle-touch.sh” The script will need to be executable so it can run, to do this, you will us the chmod command:
    chmod +x $Home/bin/toggle-touch.sh

    Step 5: Run the script and your good.

  21. dave says:

    this article should be stricken from the archives, because it is giving bad advice to people who are Googling about their problem. All of the info provided in the article and in the comments, is obsolete. If you require guidance to install your tablet, please refer to the documentation or message boards for your specific distribution.

  22. matija says:

    Thanks IPacifique! 🙂

  23. erika says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve been using ubuntu for 3 years. Surprise by myself that I can survive so far. There were though times but i realized i’ve been so productive with this OS. Just by trial and error.

    After replacing Helena with this Maverick, couldnt get my wacom back to normal. It always point out the corner.
    It was also take a lot of time to install wacom in Helena, but dont know why I can do the same thing now with Maverick ( Actually I dont really remember what was Ive done before :D)

    Should I uninstall wacom utility from synaptic first then redo on terminal?
    and how to enter the key?
    Terminal says:

    W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net maverick Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY FC0D5CCAEDFBD1F9

    Thank you

  24. Myl hause says:

    Ok guys, i don’t even know how to use this, but i’m here to try some

    I got problems like this, my pen could hover and move the cursor, but when i
    touch the table, the cursor stuck. This happend when i installed an update to
    ubuntu Kernel.
    I’m very newb and i’m just beginning in Linux, so i can’t say clearly how this
    hppens, but i got the solution after some days of researching.
    I solved my problem by downgrading the xorg to the following version:

    xserver-xorg-input-wacom ver.1:0.10.5-0ubuntu4

    The problematic version was xserver-xorg-input-wacom ver.1:0.10.11-0ubuntu7, and
    i uninstalled it and forced the installation of the older version. It worked as
    a glove when i restarted my computer

    So, if you are experiencing this kind of problem on Lucid, try this and pass
    this message forward.

    Cya guys

    (sorry my bad english)

  25. Ax says:

    Can’t map shift ctrl or alt.
    those are pretty crucial when you want to work fast.

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