Web-based centralized console for tripwire


If you use tripwire, you may have to review and accept changes on a daily basis. Logging into multiple servers to accept the changes is troublesome. Enter CentralWire: a open source web-based centralized console to review and accept changes detected by tripwire.


  • It lists all your servers and their statuses (has changes, no changes or no report) on a single web page.
  • You can review the changes.
  • You can accept the changes for one server or for all the servers listed in one step.
  • It integrates with LDAP for authentication.


Follow the instruction at http://centralwire.sourceforge.net.

Using it

It is easy to use. Once logging in, you start to create servers. For each server, you specify the hostname, the ssh public key and etc.

Once the servers are created, CentralWire will download its latest tripwire report once every 24 hours in the background. If the report contains changes, you can review the report and accept the changes right here in CentralWire.

A step by step tutorial is available at http://centralwire.sourceforge.net/using.html.

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