Wiican – Easy Wii remote control on Ubuntu Linux

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WiiCan assists on configuration and management of your wiimote under GNU/Linux. It tracks bluetooth connectivity and allows to use and create mappings to adapt your wiimote for use on any application.
Actually WiiCan it's a sytem tray icon, programmed in python. It connects to bluez and hal via dbus for tracking the available bluetooth devices and wiimote connection status.

On backend it's wminput , the cwiid event driver for wiimote. WiiCan uses wminput and wminput configuration files for define and use mappers.

Wiican Features

Discover if it's an available bluetooth device for connect wiimote
Display a list of available keyboard-mouse-wiimote mappings
User-defined mappings creation assistant
Mappings manager:
Up/Down order
Notify the state of wiimote usaging:
Bluetooth available/unavailable
Discovering wiimote
Wiimote disconnected

Install wiican in Ubuntu karmic

Run the following commands from your terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fontanon/wiican

Update source list

sudo apt-get update

Install willcan

sudo apt-get install wiican

Screenshots credit goes here


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11 Responses

  1. John M. says:

    What are your favorite ways to use this? I have a bunch of wiimotes, but haven’t felt a need to pair them with my computer.

  2. Rev. Dr. says:

    Would be nice to use a wiimote as a mouse…point and click, ya’ll…

  3. jordanwb says:

    Isn’t Hal deprecated?

  4. sigmasanti says:

    I think you need an ir bar to be able to point and click like a mouse.

  5. catchmeifyoutry says:

    Instead of an infra red bar, you can just go low-tech to test the wiimote by placing two candles or tealights next to your monitor.
    Of course, this is slightly less accurate but you can use your wiimote as a mouse.

  6. Zach says:

    You don’t need an ir bar, it will fall back to the accelerometers. As for what to use a wiimote for… I use mine for a game controller (with oh-so-many attachments) for various emulators.

  7. LV says:

    I’m having a hard time getting wiican to work with the sensor bar. I have tried creating a new profile with the Plugin.ir_ptr parameters to no avail. So I suspect it may not be starting wminput using using the ir_ptr flag. Has anyone managed to get wiican to work with the ir pointer?

  8. Jean says:

    You can use a Roomba Virtual Wall instead of the ir bar! ;D

  9. dave says:

    can you update the post?
    wiican has a new repo

  10. Howie69 says:

    Umm…where is the package now? This looks great, but these instructions no longer work. I assume it has something to do with dave’s new repo. Just not sure how to install a https repo.

  11. Ryan says:

    These instructions don’t work.

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