Windows 7 is the same as Ubuntu

Obviously, this isn’t true. Their underlying architectures are quite a bit different, Gnome looks different than the 7 UI, etc., but to an average 17-year-old, there just wasn’t any meaningful difference between the two operating systems.

The other day, I posted a blog titled “Windows 7: Good enough to pay for?” I described how I’d installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate on my son’s computer for his take on the OS after living with Ubuntu 9.04 (and 8.10 before that) for a few months. It’s summer break, so he basically spends every waking moment when he’s not actually interacting face-to-face with friends on the computer. No better time to have a kid do some serious testing, right?

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7 Responses

  1. DataCabbitKSW says:

    True, for users that don’t rely on native applications and that spend their entire time in a browser, you won’t notice much of a difference from one OS to another. Browser to browser, maybe. Still, there are advantages to each OS as far as the applications it runs. I find the AeroPeek and the jumplists very handy under Windows 7 for managing multiple browser windows as I do research or keep open documentation. Plus there are other advtanages based on platform such as thread scheduling, memory management, etc. You can read more about it over here:

  2. Michael O'Leary says:

    Ask the average 17 year old that plays computer games on a pc! I’m sure they will tell you the difference fairly quickly. I agree with “DataCabbitKSW” if you are not using native applications then you will be fine. Personally like ubuntu cause it has made thinks easier for system administration over the years for me, especially since I’m not the greatest at Linux.

  3. Gtech says:

    Average 17 years old possibly know more about opereting systems that we think! My sister (14 years old at that time) was using ubuntu 6.04 for 1 year and when it came to use terminal to install kadu-kadu or other programs she was after – NO PROBLEM.

  4. Hissam says:

    Its true bout UBUNTU. I was out of town. I had setup dual boot as Ubuntu and Vista. For some reason Vista crashed and my communication with ma family over skype just came to an end. Some how, I got a link to set-up skype on ubuntu which I asked my sister to do it(who doesn’t even knew that Ubuntu was an OS). She did it perfectly. Cheers is UBUNTU!!

  5. Generally, I agree with DataCabbitKSW.
    But I must notice, that there are application, that can be executes only on Windows. Games, for example:), and (personally for me) my favorite Mindjet Mindmap Manager and MS Visual Studio.

    For truth’s sake… Windows7 is pretty nice OS. I am using Windows 7 Beta(!) on VMWare since april-may 2009 for developing desktop win-apps, and this OS is pretty stable.

    But Ubuntu is great as well 🙂

  6. Yeah, Windows always try to update,
    But Ubuntu Always Update regulary and always better than before

  7. Peter says:

    What average 17 year old plays computer games on a pc?? It must be hard to find an average 17 year old that doesn’t have a gaming console for games.

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