Wxcam – Simple webcam application for ubuntu desktop

wxCam is a webcam application for linux. It supports video recording (in an avi uncompressed and Xvid format), snapshot taking, and some special commands for philips webcams, so you can also use the program for astronomy purposes. It supports both video4linux 1 and 2 drivers, so it should work on a very large number of devices.

wxCam features

-) Frame grabbing using video4linux 1 and 2 api;
-) Adjust resolution, brightness, contrast, gamma and saturation;
-) Support for some special controls for philips webcam: frame rate, gain and shutter speed;
-) Snapshot taking in various formats, including BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIF, PCX, XPM.
-) There are graphics effects such color correction, negative, edge, monochrome, upturned, laplacian, and mirror.
-) Video recording without audio in an avi uncompressed format: e.g., useful for astronomy purpose (lunar and planetary video recording) because it is totally lossless.
-) Video recording with audio, in the Xvid format: it is a lossy video format, but with great hard disk space saving.
-) Video recording on movement detection.

Install wxCam in Ubuntu

You can download .deb package from here once you downloaded the .deb package install by double clicking on it or run the following command from your terminal

sudo dpkg -i wxcam_1.0.6_i386.deb

Enjoy with your new webcam application.

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5 Responses

  1. Mark_in_Hollywood says:

    I cannot get this to run as you indicate.


    mark@Lexington-Karmic:~/wxcam/wxcam-1.0.6$ sudo dpkg -i wxcam_1.0.6_i386.deb
    dpkg: error processing wxcam_1.0.6_i386.deb (–install):
    cannot access archive: No such file or directory
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    I then tried extracting the archive manually:

    mark@Lexington-Karmic:~/wxcam/wxcam-1.0.6$ ./configure

    runs and returns:

    checking wxWidgets version… ./configure: line 5798: wx-config: command not found
    not found
    configure: error: wxWidgets is required. Try –with-wx-config.
    mark@Lexington-Karmic:~/wxcam/wxcam-1.0.6$ ./configure –with-wx-config

    runs and returns:

    hecking wxWidgets version… ./configure: line 5798: wx-config: command not found
    not found
    configure: error: wxWidgets is required. Try –with-wx-config.

  2. Al says:

    Doesn’t build on 64 bit Kubuntu either. ./configure passes, but clearly there is some development dependency for uint8_t and decode_jpeg_raw. Haven’t tried to track it down yet.

  3. som says:

    going to try it now.lets see what happens?

  4. Arvind Kumar Dubey says:

    You can use following command to install web cam in ubuntu

    sudo apt-get install cheese

    After running this command system automatically detect web cam.

  5. Tarun says:

    Cheese is not very good. it has low frame rate and not many options. GUVCviewer is the best but apparantely there have been a few installation problems when it comes to installing it on Ubuntu.
    and Wxcam is not easy to install

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