X.org server memory leake bug fix released for ubuntu 10.04 [Call for testing]

We are looking for people to help test this update. If you want to test the updated packages be sure to your put your results on the wiki page listed below.

On April 15, a major memory leak was introduced into the X.org server which causes the computer to get slower and slower over some hours, and finally becoming totally sluggish. This is tracked in https://launchpad.net/bugs/565981 .

Thanks to the tireless investigations of Robert Hooker and Tormod Volden, this was tracked down to a recently added patch which fixed some crashes intoduced by the GLX 1.4 enablement patches. A first attempt to fixing the memory problem wasn't successful unfortunately, and isn't easy.

The safest solution right now is to roll back all three patches. This will fix both the memory leak and thus the performance problem, as well as avoid the X crashes which were introduced by the GLX 1.4 enabling. While we had this combination before, we haven't tested it with the current lucid userspace, and thus we need some extensive tests on various hardware to get more data about it.

We set up a wiki page to explain how to install the proposed packages and for adding feedback:


On Friday we will check how much and which kind of feedback we got, and depending on that will decide about the risk of putting it into Lucid final, or doing an early SRU. (We need testing feedback in either case, of course).

Thank you in advance for helping with testing!

Check here for more updates

Bug reported here

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