Access Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Zoho Webmail from your Ubuntu Desktop

Webmail for Linux Desktops provides a generic mailto: handler and webmail config dialog that lets the user choose his preferred webmail provider on first run and through the desktops Preferences->Webmail facility.
When clicking on mailto: links on your desktop or in your browser desktop-webmail will take care that the user gets redirected to his webmail of choice's compose webpage with the proper fields pre-filled in.

Currently default webmail providers are: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Zoho.

Currently this is available for ubuntu lucid

Install this application using the following command from your terminal

sudo aptitude install desktop-webmail


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11 thoughts on “Access Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Zoho Webmail from your Ubuntu Desktop

  1. Over a year I provided feedback to Zoho that Ubuntu/Canonical should work together to provide a smooth office experience because is fantastic. I mainly haved used their Mail and Writer apps and they are excellent. Zoho is making constant improvements and for me Zoho is quicker to login and logout than Gmail is. Their intergration is very good. Oh, They have a nice brown theme which matches my Ubuntu theme perfectly.

    I hope that Ubuntu/Canonical will strengthen the bond.

  2. I’ve got it installed now and everything, but doesn’t really work, still tries to open evolution every time I click on a mailto link.

  3. No support for file attachment. Right click a file in Nautilus or wherever, often there is a “send as email” link. File not attached. Bug.

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