Ailurus 10.02 is available for use now

Ailurus can help you study Linux skills, install some nice applications and change GNOME settings.

Recently Ailurus 10.02 is released. The improvement between version 10.01.5 and version 10.02 is:

* Randomly display a Linux skill after we log in to Ubuntu.
* Items in "Install/Remove" pane are categorized into four groups.
* Do not remove indispensable packages if we try to remove some "tasksel package suite".
* "Find fastest repository" pane is improved. We can adopt a repository directly now, or search repositories in certain countries, or filter repositories by country name.
* Add one mirror for Netbeans.
* Add one mirror for GnomeArtNG Karmic version.
* Add more third-party repositories.
* Fixed typo in Rednotebook repository.
* Add some nice applications.

Ailurus can be installed by these commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ailurus
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ailurus

If you are using Ubuntu/KUbuntu 8.04~9.04, you can install Ailurus according to the instruction on .

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  1. Arkadi says:

    Thanks, good program!

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