apt-dater – Terminal-based remote package update manager

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apt-dater provides an ncurses frontend for managing package updates on a large number of remote hosts using SSH. It supports Debian-based managed hosts as well as rug (openSUSE) and Yum (CentOS) based systems.


keep dozens up to hundrets of (GNU/Linux) hosts up to date
generic apt-dater-host protocol to manage different package managers
filter hosts by Tcl expressions
multi instance capable
spawn ssh-agent on startup (optional)
run multiple connections in parallel using screen
no root login required, use sudo to call package manager (optional)
record any screen activities during install/upgrade/connect for traceability(optional)
export host informations to XML for automatic processing
host informations collected:
LSB informations (distri, codename, version)
installed, upgradable, broken, extra and hold back packages
identify physical/virtual machines
kernel version and check if the most recent kernel is running

Prepare the managed hosts by apt-dater:

You need a SSH server,aptitude and sudo installed. Create a user which will be used to install updates (using root is NOT recommended).

Debian based system

Modify the /etc/sudoers:

the-user ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/apt-get, /usr/bin/aptitude

Install apt-dater on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install apt-dater


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