Aptlinex – Web browser addon to install Ubuntu packages with a click

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This addon allows installing ubuntu packages from iceweasel, firefox, galeon or konqueror just clicking on a web link. For this to work, links need to have an url beginning with apt:// This package does not install the packages or download them from the web sites, it just launches apt, passing the package name to install as a parameter to apt.

Install aptlinex in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install aptlinex

This will install all the required packages.

Using aptlinex



In this example i am trying to install d4x download manager from firefox we have to use the following command


Now you should see similar to the following screen


Confirmation of installing packages click on Yes


Enter your password click ok


Downloading and installing required packages in progress


Installation completed


One more nice feature i have seen is it will ask you with the following screenshot options create desktop icon or Run now


Once i choose to Run now option i am seeing d4x main screen as follows


We have similar tool apturl but with less options.

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7 Responses

  1. kenden says:

    What’s the difference between aptlinex and apturl installed by default in Ubuntu 9.10?

    Also the question “Is ok?” in the screenshot makes me wonder how much this package has been tested… (“Is it ok?” is better).

  2. Vadim P. says:

    Yeah… just use apturl which is pre-installed on Ubuntu.

    (Kubuntu hasn’t caught up yet and users need to install it manually there, for websites like Playdeb.net and GetDeb.net)

  3. Gelu S?li?tean says:

    Great,Great and Great.Thank´s!

  4. DaVince says:

    (Kubuntu hasn’t caught up yet and users need to install it manually there, for websites like Playdeb.net and GetDeb.net)

    Are you sure? I did see an apturl-kde package…

  5. Vadim P. says:

    Unfortunately I am, as someone who handles the contact email for playdeb/getdeb and receives many emails about it.

    The fix is to install the firefox-gnome-support package.

  6. V Antonelli says:

    for me, neither apturl or aptlinex starts Synaptic. “APT Simple Frontend” box/prompt never appears. followed above instrux.

  7. Vadim P. says:

    FYI, this breaks getdeb/playdeb if you install it. Just use the default apturl program.

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