Autopostgresqlbackup – Backup your PostgreSQL databases daily,weekly, and monthly

Autopostgresqlbackup is a shell script (usually executed from a cron job) designed to provide a fully automated tool to make periodic backups of PostgreSQL databases.

On Debian systems, autopostgresqlbackup can be configured by editing some options in file /etc/default/autopostresqlbackup

Install Autopostgresqlbackup on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install autopostgresqlbackup

The above command will complete the installation process

Using autopostresqlbackup

You need to run the following command to run the backup

sudo autopostgresqlbackup

you have the backups in /var/lib/autopostgresqlbackup organized by daily/weekly/monthly folders then databasename folder.

If you need to configure parameters such as host, restricted databases to backup, compression type, etc…, autopostgresqlbackup file in /etc/default/ is what you are looking for

sudo vi /etc/default/autopostgresqlbackup

Ubuntu installs a cron script with this program that will run it every day. It will organize the files to the appropriate directory.

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    What does the script use for mailing the backups?

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