BAR – Backup application

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What is BAR?

From application author

BAR is backup archiver program. I developed this program after I could not find a simple to use archiver program to create compressed and encrypted archives of my files which can be stored on a cd or dvd. While I devoped the program -- development is still not finished -- I added some more useful features. Now I use the program to make automated backups from all my files either on dvd or directly via an Internet connection to a file server.


• can store and restore files and images

• can split archive files into pieces; each piece can be read independent

• compress of data with zlib, bzip2 or lzma algorithms

• encryption with gcrypt algorithms (AES, TWOFISH etc.)

• asymmetric encryption with RSA

• fast file format: can find and extract single files without decompressing/decryption of the whole archive

• direct copy of archives to remote computer via FTP or SSH (SCP or SFTP)

• can store archives on CD/DVD (with external tools)

• support pre- and post-processing of CD/DVD images (e. g. for including functions of dvdisaster)

• daemon-mode with control over plain and TLS network connection

• integrated scheduler to start backups daily or weekly

• nice graphical front end (written in Java with SWT)


• Unix system

• PTHREADs library (mandatory)

• zlib library (mandatory)

• bzib2 library (optional)

• xz utils (optional)

• gcrypt library from (optional)

• gnutls library from (optional)

• ftplib from (optional)

• ssh2 library from (optional)

• long long datatype (because of large files)

• perl (only for compiling)

• external tools for DVD: mkisofs, dvdisaster, growisofs, eject (optional)

• Java Runtime environment 1.5 or newer (optional; for graphical front end)

Install BAR in ubuntu

Download .deb from here once you have .deb package install them by double clicking on it or by using the following command from your terminal.

sudo dpkg -i bar-0.14-ubuntu.deb


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3 Responses

  1. Raymond says:

    How do I launch it?

    I have installed:

  2. paul says:

    Oh how I wish this supported scsi tapes

  3. tim says:

    I have installed and have tried running BARControl as suggested in the PDF manual on the website, but I just get

    barcontrol: command not found

    How do we launch the program?

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