BashStyle-NG – Change look and feel of your Bash,Vim and Nano

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BashStyle-NG is a graphical Tool for changing the Bash’s behaviour and look’n'feel. Aswell as Readline’s, Nano’s and Vim’s.

It shipps a huge scriptchain, that is used by the styles shipped with BS-NG, but can also be used separately. Since v6.3 you have the opportunity to create your own prompts. For important notes on how to do so, refer back to the documentation.

If you don’t understand an option or something does not work as expected read the documentation. It’s installed in /usr/share/doc/bashstyle-ng/index.html ( /usr is default but may vary if you passed an other prefix to configure).

Currently BS-NG shipps 15 pre-defined Styles for your prompt. Most of them can be modified via the Custom Prompt Builder. If you want to save your current configuration and want to re-import it later (or for using it on a different user/machine) you can do so via the Profiler (bs-ng-profiler --help).

Standalone (GConf-Free) Configuration (for faster Bash-Startup) can be created via the RCGenerator (rcgenerator --help).

Install BashStyle-NG in Ubuntu

First you need to download Download .deb file from here

Now you need to install .deb file using the following command

sudo dpkg -i bashstyle-ng_7.8.1-1nano_all.deb

This will complete the installation



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