binstats – Statistics tool for installed programs and libraries

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A utility to aid the tidying up of binaries, interpreted scripts, and dynamic libraries. It can find the number and identity of a.out and ELF binaries, plus their debugging symbols status, setuid status, and dynamic library dependence. It can count the number of Java bytecode programs, tally up the main types of scripts, and look for unidentified executable text files.

Also it is able to find any duplicated executable names, unused libraries, binaries with missing libraries, statically linked binaries, and duplicated manual page names.

Install binstats in ubuntu

sudo aptitude install binstats

This will complete the installation.

Using binstats

If you want to use binstats use the following command from terminal


Output looks similar to the following

binstats log file is bstats.log this is located in the same directory from where you run the command

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