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6 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    I just installed this on my 8.04.1 x64 PC and it doesn’t appear to work. I click on the icon in Applications>Office and it doesn’t do anything.

    Any idea what could be wrong?

  2. reswob says:

    without an apparent method to download or import data from my bank accounts, .qfx files for example, this seems like an exercise in constantly entering data and tracking receipts.

  3. torben says:

    Hi Jason,

    it may be a problem with your Java Env.
    Try this:

    java -Duser.dir=$HOME/.buddi -Xmx512m -jar /usr/bin/Buddi.jar –debian

  4. Alain says:

    I have the same problem described by Jason on 8.04 x32.
    I have also tried what Torben was suggesting and received the following

    java -Duser.dir=$HOME/.buddi -Xmx512m -jar /usr/bin/Buddi.jar –debian
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: method with signature (;)V was not found.
    at org.homeunix.thecave.buddi.Buddi.main(

  5. Manish Mahabir says:

    when i go to /usr/bin and open buddy.jar by right clicking and opening with java it is opening.
    how can i create a launcher for that in my panel or menu?

  6. oren says:

    just installed it, works and seems nice with the exception Reswob mentioned.

    But it does seem sluggish on a 8.04 x32, scrolling through budgets in the budget tab takes about 1 second for each line etc’…

    any chance at being a tad faster?

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