Clementine Music Player 1.1 Released and PPA installation instructions included

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Clementine is a multiplatform music player. It is inspired by Amarok 1.4, focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music.

What is new in Clementine Music Player 1.1

Major features:

* Podcast support with integration with
* Add support for indexing and playing music from Google Drive.
* Add Soundcloud support.
* Add support.
* Moodbar support.

Other features:

* Show nearby concerts for an artist using the Songkick API.
* Support "My Music" in Grooveshark.
* Support logical operators in the playlist filter.
* Remove Spotify and Grooveshark search playlists in favour of the internet tab.
* Support liblastfm1.
* Make the grouping of global search results configurable.
* Support top lists in Spotify (eg. top 100).
* Support drag and drop from the global search to the playlist.
* Support undo for playlist sorting and shuffling.
* Updated global search UI.
* Verify and backup database on startup.
* Support mono playback.
* Add an option to prefer the AlbumArtist tag over the Artist tag when scrobbling to
* Add the ability to get a Grooveshark URL to share a songs and playlists.
* Support loading spotify URLs from the command line.
* Add "Very high" quality setting for visualisations.
* Support setting the current album cover or a custom image as the playlist background.
* Add support for darklyrics as a lyrics source.
* Add %filename% as a custom OSD variable.
* Show .mka, .ape and .wv in file view.
* Load cover art from mp4 files.
* Copy text from all visible columns when copying a playlist row.
* Add "Edit file information" and "Show in file browser" actions to the file view.
* Add Discogs as an album cover provider.
* Nyanalyzer cat now goes to sleep between songs.
* (Mac OS X) Support drag and dropping files and folders on the dock icon.
* (Mac OS X) Support notification center instead of Growl on Mountain Lion.
* (Mac OS X) Support fullscreen mode in Mountain Lion.
* (Mac OS X) Draw high resolution text when using a retina display.


* Use new authentication API for to fix logging in to those services.
* Move tag reading to a separate process to isolate taglib crashes.
* Fix hang on exit while library is being changed.
* Fix parsing of cue sheets longer than 99 minutes.
* Preserve the current song in the library view when filtering.
* Previous button actually goes to the previous track when repeat track mode is enabled.
* Fix crashes when requesting MPRIS data during startup.
* Enable horizontal scrolling in the Transcode dialog so the user can see the whole path.
* Stop showing the search box for Grooveshark and Spotify if the user is not logged in.
* Fix neverending task in Grooveshark if the user is logged out.
* Fix 1px size change in the tool buttons in the main window.
* Dragging songs to the bottom of the playlist now adds them to the bottom.
* Improve startup time by moving DeviceManager initialisation off the main thread.
* Fix crash when trying to seek with no song playing.
* Scale the missing cover image in the edit tag dialog correctly.
* Use the first visible column when dragging and dropping within the playlist.
* Fix a crash at startup when initialising the library before the grouping settings have been loaded.
* Handle various artists correctly in global search.
* Add suggestions in global search.
* Follow HTTP redirects correctly.
* Find hidden album art.
* Support genre and date in cue sheets.
* Cache album art in the library model to prevent flicking when filtering.
* Locale-aware sorting of Grooveshark songs.
* Sort Grooveshark playlists by name.
* Work around a bug in Qt so the number of mouse wheel scroll lines is respected.
* Fix transparency of visualisation overlay.
* Fix transparency of pretty OSD.
* Show thumbnails of album art in the tray icon tooltip instead of full size images.
* Allow upper case headers in PLS files.
* Support libimobiledevice 1.1.2.
* Fix crash when drag and dropping from a separate Clementine instance.
* Sort SomaFM streams alphabetically.
* Fix crash when OpenGL is unavailable.
* Fix some resource leaks in the Grooveshark support.
* Update the year when completing tags automatically.
* Fix a crash when changing a song's rating.
* Fix a crash when searching for album covers.
* Load spotify URLs correctly from playlists.
* (Linux) Fix a crash on exit when Gnome accessibility is enabled.
* (Linux) Work around a hang on exit caused by certain NVidia drivers.
* (Linux) Support devices with no partition table.
* (Linux) Support "open with" in Ubuntu.
* (Linux) Fix a crash in PlayTrack MPRIS method.
* (Linux) Fix the types of some MPRIS fields.
* (Mac OS X) Fix HTTPS streams.
* (Mac OS X) Support keyboard shortcuts in native Mac search fields.
* (Mac OS X) Use Qocoa instead of custom hacks for native search widgets.
* (Mac OS X) Fix crash on exit.
* (Mac OS X) Avoid churn from frequent FSEvent stream updates.
* (Mac OS X) Hide empty help menu on Mac.
* (Mac OS X) Fix leaks in device handling code.
* (Windows) Remove the drop shadow in the OSD.
* (Windows) Do not show the OSD in the taskbar.
* (Windows) Fix a crash when clicking on the empty button in the thumbbar.

Build system changes:

* Add continous builds for Fedora Core 17 and Ubuntu 12.04.
* Show which dependencies are missing when trying to enable optional features.
* (Mac OS X and Windows) Upgrade to Qt 4.8.2.

Install Clementine Music Player 1.1 in ubuntu 12.10/12.04

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:me-davidsansome/clementine
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install clementine


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