Configure Ubuntu Programs During Installation (Proposed idea)

Check this Brainstorm idea to Configure Ubuntu Programs During Installation.I think this might help for some users

What do you think about this idea?

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35 Responses

  1. Anxious Nut says:


    To me, this is one of the best proposed ideas, would make it a lot easier.

  2. Franci Alp says:

    I’m in for that!

    Allthough, maybe two installers: One with optional installed programs, onw without.

  3. shakaran says:

    Nice idea! I would like see this on Ubuntu 😉

  4. nacho says:

    Sorry for the last comment. Should read: I think this is an _excellent_ idea. The kind that makes you think “why couldn’t I come up with this?”

  5. Mateus says:

    +1 Very nice!

  6. dek says:

    +1 awesome idea.

  7. Jerad says:

    Wouldn’t this prevent the “ubuntu-desktop” package from being able to install the default packages on the system?

    i.e. if you change firefox to chrome and transmission to deluge, now “ubuntu-desktop” cannot be installed.

  8. Drew says:

    I think that’s absolutely, fantasically sexy.

  9. Aeiluindae says:

    That is an awesome idea. Taking it one step further, what if any application you installed in the live environment was transferred to the hard disk during installation? The installer would detect if additional programs were installed, then ask to install them on the hard drive, likewise if any programs were removed. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t happen already.

  10. Jackelope King says:

    A thousand times “yes”!

  11. Poltiser says:

    it is a great idea! but they might need to adjust gnome settings – eg. evolution versus thunderbird…
    Now even if one wants to exclude evolution one needs to accept some extra services in the background…
    It would be nice if the system was totally modular…

  12. Joshua_Brighton says:

    Also what @Aeiluindae said

  13. dael99 says:

    This is one of the features we have tought to include in the Ubuntu Welcome Screen, check this out and tell me what you think and if you want, open a blueprint to share ideas.

  14. Jon Nicholson says:

    How about extending this option to word processor, spreadsheet, graphics programs, etc. — things that are on the current default installation? Some people in other forums are freaking out about the plan to leave out Open Office components and GIMP from the default install. Allowing these to be installed at this initial configuration screen might get people to chill out.

  15. Aleksey says:

    Absolutly yes.
    I think that the more programs are ready to use after OS installing, the better OS usabillity level is.

  16. sigmasanti says:

    The “restricted extras” and DVD options would be very helpful to beginners and long-time users.

  17. manu says:

    Very nice idea.

  18. ATOzTOA says:

    This one is really nice to have…

  19. Eshant says:

    gr8 idea….

  20. benji says:

    Awesome idea. I’d like to see the addition of being able to NOT install some of the default apps at all. I use netbook remix on a 4gb drive and I need all the space I can get. Really the only apps I use are firefox, evolution, rhythmbox, totem, and the gnome image viewer.

    I’ve tried to uninstall apps I don’t use, only to find that they’re part of some package I’m afraid I’ll need.

  21. MadsRH says:

    I don’t like it – Ubuntu should just rock with the default installation.

  22. This is an awesome idea, would LOVE to see this in the final version :).

  23. This is a fantastic ideal. This would make it a lot easier to get those customization up front.

    I for one use Thunderbird, and the Restricted Extras and DVD Codecs would make it a million times easier. However, the computer would ABSOLUTELY have to have internet access so they could download those additional packages so the end user could accept the license agreement… Which I suppose isn’t a huge deal.

    Great ideal, I hope it comes to life in Lucid Lynx.

  24. Nawaflol says:

    +1 Pretty good idea ,but i don’t think this gonna be happening with Lucid Lynx !

  25. Uroš says:

    This Is a must have!

  26. DreadKnight says:

    +1, really love the idea, thought about it myself a while ago 😀

  27. Alex says:


    Ubuntu isn’t trying to please the kind of people who want this dialog. It’s another step to the install, it’s potentially confusing, and it requires an internet connection, which can be hit and miss.

    Perhaps with some refinement the idea could work.

  28. Fuith says:

    Absolutely fantastic idea, obviously though the computer would have to be connected to the net. Or maybe an alternate live DVD would do.

  29. I think it’s a terrible idea. The last thing that’s needed during install is to ask the user dozens of questions he doesn’t know the answer to. How is a user going to know which applications he prefers before he’s even SEEN them?

  30. Ashley says:

    I use Ubuntu (to run XBMC home theatre and on some laptops) and Fedora (for all my other machines.) Fedora has always had the ability to decide what to install albeit not in the simplistic approach that you propose. It is however a good proposal. One of the most annoying things imho with Ubuntu is installing it and then having to spend an hour or two removing all the stuff I don’t want and installing the stuff I do. This proposal will go some way to alleviating the annoyance factor with Ubuntu (there are others but Ubuntu is what it is.)

    If you could also extend it to cover things like preferred editor, online storage (Ubuntu 1 or Dropbox for instance), Photo managers, development support (PHP, Python, C, C++ etc, etc), Flash support (SWFdec or Flash), Video card support (proprietary , e.g. NVidia or Xorg)

    The comment above about this is not what newb users want is covered by giving the installer the option to do a default install or a custom one, just like Fedora does.

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