Decibel Audio Player – Simple and nice music player for the GNOME desktop

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Decibel Audio Player is a GTK+ open-source (GPL) audio player for GNU/Linux. It is very straightforward to use thanks to a clean and user-friendly interface. It is especially targeted at Gnome  and follows the Gnome HIG.

Decibel Audio Player is built around a highly modular structure that lets the user disable completely the features he does not need. A disabled feature uses absolutely no memory and no processor time.

Decibel Audio Player is a real audio player and does not include features that are not meant to be part of an audio player. These features, such as tagging files or burning CDs, generally have a better support in dedicated software. If you are looking for an audio player than can make coffee, then you should stay away from Decibel and give a try to other players (e.g., Amarok, Exaile).

Install Decibel Audio Player in Ubuntu

You can install from repositories using the following command

sudo apt-get install decibel-audio-player

If you want to install latest version you need to download .deb package from here once you have .deb package install using by double clicking or run the following command from your terminal

sudo dpkg -i decibel-audio-player-1.05.deb


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  1. Jim Nagy says:

    I also recently discovered Decibel Music player and am enjoying it under Ubuntu 10.04. It uses minimal resources, has an equalizer, shows my file directories which makes it easy to navigate without having to add all my music files, and has some great plugins. I kept having dropout problems with Songbird v1.4. Decibel gets the job done. Great review. Thanks. Jim from PA.

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