DidiWiki – Simple wiki implementation with built-in webserver

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DidiWiki is a small and simple WikiWikiWeb implementation. It's intended for personal note-taking, "to do" lists, and any other uses you can think of. It includes its own Web server and weighs in at approximately 25k stripped, making it practical for embedded use (e.g. handhelds).

Install Didiwiki on ubuntu 16.04

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install didiwiki

This will install all the required files for didiwiki

Start didiwiki using the following command

didiwiki -p 8080

Output looks similar to the following

DidiWiki firing up ...
Attempting to bind to .. Success!
DidiWiki Started.

Now you need to open the browser and run the following URL

You should be able see similar to the following screen


If you want to edit wiki you can use edit button and also if you want to know more about the syntax use help link

Top toolbar usage

Edit -- Allows you to edit pages ( see below for rules )
Home -- Takes you to the wiki front page
Changes -- Lists the pages changed by date
New -- Creates a new wiki page by title
Help -- Takes you to this help page

If you want to use new folder in the location you can use the following syntax to start

DidiWiki folder_name -h -p 8080

You can also change the default port from 8080 to anything using -- p option

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