Download xSplash themes for Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)/9.04 (Jaunty)

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This is list of nice xSplash themes for Ubuntu 9.10

transformer 2 xsplash for karmic

Download from here


GRUB2 splashimage

Download from here


Xsplash -- Crunchy Branch

Download from here


Heliocentric -- Usplash Karmic & Jaunty

Download from here


Crunchy Branch-Usplash Karmic & Jaunty

Download from here


SimplyLine for Karmic & Jaunty &Intrepid

Download from here



Download from here



Download from here


usplash theme ubuntu Miss-Ellen

Download from here



Download from here


Ubuntu Rock

Download from here


Jaunty GRUB Splash

Download from here


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4 Responses

  1. Pelonchas says:

    Thanks!!! I was about to make a xplash and you saved me the work. Still i am gonna try some ideas i got.

  2. Inside_Man says:

    Im sorry…Im newbie…
    How to install it???

  3. Raziel says:

    to install download start-up manager(ubuntu software centre) and open that through system–>admin–>start up manager
    choose appearnce click manage themes and the browse to where yo saved the downloaded theme eg. /usr/downloads/ and select it….done
    make sure in boot options tab that “show splash screen” is ticked
    make sure you extracted the file aswell so you have a .so file
    hope thats not too confusing

  4. latino_009 says:

    well sorry about my English but i am try to help u out here goes

    1 download you’r theme
    2 right click on you’r downloed theme
    3 extract here
    4 go to system—administration—startup-manager
    5 appearance and you’ll see a option that say manage usplash theme. click it
    and is going to give you a option. to add and remove those theme you also have just one.
    6 click add and other page is going to open
    7 click on file system—home—

    and there you have 2 found the .os file
    remember the extract here file give to you

    u have to found it and open it ….

    well after those step’s u have to click the theme name and close but is not done yet

    you r back to appearance all what do you have to do is
    click where say usplash-theme and select you’r theme

    make sure you’r bootloader manu resolution can
    handle the theme resolution

    that the way how do my’s

    if there are other’s way to do this i wanna know

    if i missed something 2 i wanna know

    and ageing sorry about my English im latino and just have 2 year here and i am learning

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