Enable/Disable write support for windows NTFS partition with simple click

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If you are using Windows and ubuntu as dual boot and if you want to access your windows partition you need to follow this procedure.This  tutorial will explain how to access your windows partition in simple way.

ntfs-config program allow you to easily configure all of your NTFS devices to allow write support via a friendly gui. For that use, it will configure them to use the open source ntfs-3g driver. You'll also be able to easily disable this feature.

Note:- If you are using laster ubuntu versions this driver was included in default installation

Install ntfs-config in Ubuntu

Now You can install ntfs-config from Ubuntu  repositories

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config

This will install all the required packages for ntfs-config including ntfs-3g

or if you are using ubuntu 9.10 click the following link from your firefox


Using Ntfs-Config

Once installed open this application System--->Administration--->NTFS Configuration Tool  if you don't see there try from Applications--->System Tools--->NTFS Configuration Tool


Now it will prompt for password enter  password and click ok


It will show the available NTFS partitions as follows in this example /dev/sda2,/dev/sda3  are available NTFS partitions


You need to select the partitions you want to configure,add the name of the mount point and click on apply.In this example i have ticked the check box next to /dev/sda3 and click under mount enter the name you want to use i have entered as OS  and click on apply.


Select the NTFS Write support which is suitable for you i.e internal or external.In this example i have tick the check box next to Enable write support for internal device because i am using dualboot with windows vista.If you are using external hard drive select external option and click on ok


Once it finished you should see the mount point on your desktop as follows


You can see the windows vista mount point files as follows


If you want to unmount you should be root to unmount and then right click on mount point select Unmount Volume

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7 Responses

  1. Dusten Barker says:

    NTFS write support has been out-of-box for Ubuntu for nearly 2 years now.

  2. Phil James says:

    I’ve been using Ubuntu in a dual boot for 2 years now, and I thought it was normal that Ubuntu could see, mount and write to Windows. I just accepted it was the magic of Ubuntu.

  3. Dr_Willis says:

    But by default the users don’t have ‘full’ access to all the ntfs filesystems. Or they have read only access. This can cause confusion when the users are expecting full r/w access by default.

    Personally I remember to tell the installer where to mount my ntfs filesystems.

  4. JeffH0821 says:

    This is totally unnecessary and will cause much confusion. The ‘ntfs-3g’ driver has been integrated into Gnome since at least Ubuntu 9.04 – most likely earlier. ‘ntfs-config’ has been SPECIFICALLY excluded from the distro for this reason. Please consider taking down your article.

  5. The Doctor says:

    Actually, we need to do it the other way around. We need to access the Linux ext4 partition from Windows. And so far none of the currently available software will work.

  6. Noctua says:

    This article was a lifesaver. Jaunty was, indeed, able to read/write to the NTFS partition out of the box, but this ability was gone after upgrading to Karmic Koala. Thank you for posting the information that helped me to regain access to my NTFS files.

  7. M Nabeel Imran says:

    Although read/write support is there but the NTFS partitions are not mounted on startup.

    Plus I believe this tool gives a GUI front-end to ntfs-3g.

    Thank you for the elaborate article.

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