F-Prot Antivirus with XFPROT Web Interface

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F-Prot Antivirus for Linux was especially developed to effectively eradicate viruses threatening workstations running Linux. It provides full protection against macro viruses and other forms of malicious software -- including Trojans.

Preparing Your system

sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev checkinstall

Now you need to downloaf F-port antivirus for linux workstations package from here in to /usr/local/src/ folder or any other folder.

This will download the F-Prot Antivirus Version 4.6.7

sudo dpkg -i fp-linux-ws.deb

This will install the F-Port antivirus and you can see this in the following screen

F-Port Antivirus Frontend (XFPORT)

XFPROT is a graphical frontend to the F-Prot Antivirus(TM) for Linux

Download the latest version from here

sudo wget http://web.tiscali.it/sharp/xfprot/xfprot-1.18.tar.gz

sudo tar xzvf xfprot-1.18.tar.gz

cd xfprot-1.18

sudo ./configure --with-sudo --autodetect --without-debug --with-install-dir=/usr/local

sudo make

sudo checkinstall

Once this finishes the debian package creation you should see the following message

Done. The new package has been installed and saved to /usr/local/src/xfprot-1.16/xfprot_1.18-1_i386.deb

sudo dpkg -i xfprot_1.18-1_i386.deb

This will complete the installation of xfprot

Now you need to create a new application menu for F-port antivirus for this you need to follow this

sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/fprot.desktop

add the following lines and save the file

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Anti-Virus Application

Now you need to open F-prot application from Applications--->System Tools--->F-prot you can see this in the following screen

First time it will show you the license document here you need to tick the check box next to i agree and click ok

You can see the F-Prot antivirus Frontend in the following screen you can use for scanning,running updates etc

Uninstalling F-Prot Antivirus

sudo dpkg -r xfprot

sudo dpkg -r fp-linux-ws.deb

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16 Responses

  1. James D. Freels says:

    This seems to be a worthwhile thing to do indeed. However, I cannot seem to build the xfprot. I have install the gtk packages, but something is missing.

    Running ubuntu/edgy

    fea::/commercial/f-prot/xfprot-1.18/: sudo ./configure –with-sudo –autodetect –without-debug –with-install-dir=/usr/local
    Checking for bash…..OK

    Writing default values to config.h

    Setting install and binaries directory prefix to : /usr/local
    You can override this with: –with-install-dir=/somedir
    Setting xfprot binary directory to: /usr/local/xfprot

    Using default value: ‘sudo’

    Autodetecting f-prot’s install directory….please be patient
    found: /usr/local/f-prot
    Setting xfprot private directory to: ~.xfprot

    Running Linux Kernel: 2.6
    Checking for konsole…..OK
    ./configure: 447: gtk-config: not found
    test: 447: ==: unexpected operator
    test: 447: ==: unexpected operator
    test: 447: ==: unexpected operator
    test: 447: ==: unexpected operator
    test: 447: ==: unexpected operator
    test: 447: ==: unexpected operator
    test: 447: ==: unexpected operator
    test: 447: ==: unexpected operator
    You have to install the Gtk+ development (and runtime?) libraries version 2.4.x or superior.
    fea::/commercial/f-prot/xfprot-1.18/: which gtk-config
    fea::/commercial/f-prot/xfprot-1.18/: locate gtk-config

  2. zefklop says:

    You need to install the libgtk-dev package by

    “sudo apt-get install libgtk-dev”

  3. zefklop says:

    Oops… in fact you need to edit the first line of the configure file :

    nano configure

    replace #!/bin/sh with #!/bin/bash

    ubuntu uses dash and not bash !

  4. p0rt says:

    Having a problem installing behind a proxy server error message is:

    Setting up fp-linux-ws (4.6.7) …

    Unable to connect to server and retrieve update info!

    Can’t connect to updates.f-prot.com:80 (connect: timeout)

    dpkg: error processing fp-linux-ws (–install):
    subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 9
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    any suggestions?

  5. admin says:

    did you try to install the following package and try

    sudo apt-get install checkinstall

  6. p0rt says:

    Thanks for that, already had checkinstall installed. To make it work I had to download the zipped version and setup the proxy in the tools/check-updates.pl, these are my changes

    ## Variables used to indicate weather or not proxying should be used.
    my $useProxy = 1;
    my $useFtpProxy = 1;

    ## Variables related to proxying. They are only used if this script
    ## is passed the proxy arguments (check-updates.pl -help for further
    ## information).
    my $proxyServer = “http://path.to.proxy”;
    my $ftpProxyServer = “http://path.to.proxy”;
    my $ftpProxyType;
    my $proxyUsername = “username”; # don’t forget the ” “!!
    my $proxyPassword = “password”;
    my $proxyFtpUsername;
    my $proxyFtpPassword;
    my $noCache = 0;

    After these changes the tutorial worked a treat! Thanks!!

  7. Augusto says:

    Sorry, but it doesn’t work for me. When I try to run xfprot from the Menu, it say that I do not have privilegies to do that.

  8. jj says:

    Also unsuccessful in installing via your howto.

    My xfprot installalation is totally FUBARed the system says “Could not launch menu item. Failed to execute child process “xfprot” (Permission denied)

    Tried to uninstall xfprot w/your instructions “sudo dpkg -r xfprot” I get a response of
    “you must specify packages by their own names, not by quoting the names of the files they come in”

    Further there is an error in the documents text after “sudo checkinstall” I believe “The new package has been installed and saved to /usr/local/src/xfprot-1.16/xfprot_1.18-1_i386.deb” should read “The new package has been installed and saved to /usr/local/src/xfprot-1.18/xfprot_1.18-1_i386.deb”

    For the sake of newbies, you should explain nano config in note #3. I didn’t know you had to open up a terminal first. It doesn’t say to do this. So the instruction should have read “Open up a terminal with Application>Accessories>Terminal and type with your favorate text editor (I use nano) nano config…

    “Opps” doesn’t give a newbie warm and fuzzies. Now I sit w/a broken AV app that I can not uninstall and no AV protection. This was my first experience away from Synaptic and I can’t say I liked it.

    Suggest an updated version be released or remove above.

  9. SIRBATS says:

    On my edgy I can confirm the above tutorial work absolutely similar with above.

    Thanks a lot

  10. GeezerTeef says:

    Thanks for the tip…

    replace #!/bin/sh with #!/bin/bash

    this fixed it for me on my Kubuntu 6.10 with KDE desktop 3.5.5 release.

    Good work Kefklop!!!

  11. killerkip says:

    installation went smooth,no errors on the way, but how come its not showing up under “applications/System Tools” ?

    Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Anti-Virus Application

    using ubuntu edgy

  12. killerkip says:

    lol…a typo…my bad

    all fixed(added [) 😉

    thx for guide!!

  13. killerkip says:

    wtf?!…anyone knows why the xfprot GUI isn’t showing the “Actions to try on infected files” and “Macro virus removal” options

    its latest 1.19

  14. juhakkk says:

    Could some geek update this to current situation?
    Version 6 of F-PROT Antivirus for Linux

    Version 2.1

  15. cathy says:

    I have installed xfprot on my laptop. When I click on the xfprot icon situated under applications,accessories it says F-binary not found.
    Has something gone wrong with the installation? If so how do I fix it?

    I installed it using the deb file available online.

  16. William says:

    “sudo dpkg -i fp-linux-ws.deb” doesn’t work in terminal mode in Ubuntu 11.04 neither does it allow me to download it to the usr/local/src folder or copy it there once its downloaded to the “Downloads” folder. The “prepare your system” “sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev checkinstall” did something, ran a ton of lines in terminal window, but the rest doesn’t work. Maybe it doesn’t work with Ubuntu 11.04 because this page is from 2007???
    Why is there so much outdated info on Ubuntu and Linux on the web these days? Anything current? Any anti-virus that works with Ubuntu 11.04?
    ClamTK is lame and doesn’t scan much of anything, ClamAv doesn’t do anything in Ubuntu 11.04. The internet is the internet so how can Linux be immune to virus when surfing same as Windows?

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