Feedindicator – RSS feed updates in the indicator area

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RSS feed updates in the indicator area.


* Editable, sortable list of feed URL's
* Notification popups of new feed items
* Adjustable update timer
* Adjustable number of items to show per feed
* Option to run on system startup
* Mark all items as read / unread
* Uses standard XDG desktop directories and Gconf for settings

Install Feedindicator in Ubuntu

1. Extract the downloaded file
2. Open terminal in extracted directory
3. sh feedindicator-install.sh
4. You should find Feedindicator in the ‘Internet' or ‘Network' category of the main menu


You can download deb package from here once you have deb package install by double clicking on that.

Uninstall Feedindicator in Ubuntu

1. Open terminal in extracted directory
2. sh feedindicator-uninstall.sh

Configuration file:

If you have a problem with a particular feed crashing the indicator, edit this file: ~/.config/feedindicator/feeds.cfg and remove the problematic url from the list.


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