Flash Doctor – An easy way of fixing Flash problems

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Flash doctor is a script that would fix the flash problems automatically, install flash fully and safely, and provide an advanced flash control panel.

Install Flash Doctor on ubuntu 11.10/11.04

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lkjoel/flash-doctor
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install flash-doctor zenity wget

Once installation completed you can open the flash doctor by running the following command from your terminal

bash /usr/bin/flash-doctor

Useful documentation

resetsettings: Resets the flash settings
avhardwaredisable: If set to true, it will disable any interaction with Audio/Video hardware components
autoupdatedisable: If set to true, it will disable auto updates for flash
autoupdateinterval: If autoupdatedisable is set to false, this setting will set how often flash will check for updates (in days)
fullscreendisable: If set to true, it will disable full screen in flash applications (e.g. YouTube)
thirdpartystorage: If set to true, applications will be able to store some information on your computer
localstoragelimit: If thirdpartystorage is set to true, this setting will decide how much space flash applications are allowed to store
assetcachesize: If localstoragelimit is set to option 6 (user), this option will determine how much space flash applications are allowed to store
localfilereaddisable: If this option is set to true (highly recommended), it will stop flash applications from being able to read any file on your HD
disablesockets: If set to true, it will disable flash from grabbing any sockets from your computer
overridegpuvalidation: If set to true (dangerous), it will pass any GPU validation checks, which may give an increase in speed, and fix a few problems, but it may damage your graphics card permanently.


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4 Responses

  1. Alireza says:

    It doesn’t work in Ubuntu 11.04 64bit.
    I chose to install flash player and the program terminates without any message.

  2. Mestkan says:

    Try firefox’s flash-aid extension. Great succes here.

  3. Webclient says:

    In Ubuntu 10.4 NOT WORK !

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