Fnotifystat – A tool to show file system activity in a given period of time

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Fnotifystat is a program that dumps the file system activity in a given period of time.

Install Fnotifystat on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install fnotifystat

Using Fnotifystat

fnotifystat command line options

-c dump cumulative totals over all time rather than totals over each sample period.
-d strip full directory path off the filenames.
-D order stats by unique device.
-h show help.
-i specify pathnames to include on path events.
-I order stats by unique device and inode.
-n no stats, just -v verbose mode only.
-p only monitor files touched by process with pid PID.
-P sort stats by pid first, then by totals and filename.
-s disable scaling of file counts.
-t only display the top busiest files.
-T show timestamp.
-v verbose mode, dump all file activity.
-x specify pathnames to exclude on path events.

Fnotifystat Examples

sudo fnotifystat

sudo fnotifystat -c -i /proc 15 1

sudo fnotifystat -n -i /sys,/proc 1 5


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