Fotoxx – Photo editing and collection management

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Fotoxx is a free open source Linux program for photo editing and collection management. The goal is to meet most user needs while remaining fast and easy to use.

Navigate a large image collection using a thumbnail gallery browser. Import camera RAW files and edit with 16-bit color. Save edited images as TIFF-8/16, PNG or JPEG with adjustable compression. Edit the whole image or a selected area, with adjustable blending. Edit functions have live feedback using the full window. Add tags, dates, and star-ratings to images and search using these criteria and (wildcard) file names.

Edit functions include:

+ Brightness/contrast/color adjustments by dragging curves
+ Flatten brightness distribution (frequent quick fix)
+ Sharpen, Blur, Noise reduction, Red-eye removal
+ Trim, Rescale, Rotate any angle, Flip horizontal/vertical
+ Tone Mapping (enhance detail at all brightness levels)
+ Brightness uniformity (fix vignetting and other problems)
+ Composites: panorama, HDR, HDF, Stack (hand-held photos OK)
+ Warp (stretch/distort image or selected area by dragging the mouse)
+ Artful transforms (simulate drawing, painting, embossing)
+ Pixel edit with variable brush and blending
+ Edit parts of an image (select freehand, follow edges, match colors)
+ Copy selected area from one image and paste into another
+ Unlimited undo/redo, fast before/after comparison

Utility functions include:

+ Thumbnail browser and navigator, variable thumbnail size
+ Slide-show mode: full screen, no menu, keyboard navigation
+ Select images from the navigator and burn a CD or DVD
+ View and edit imbedded metadata (EXIF, IPTC, etc.)
+ Add your own tags, star-ratings, and descriptive text to images
+ Search by tags, ratings, dates, file names -- show images in browser
+ Brightness distribution graph, live update
+ Batch functions: rename, resize/export, revise tags, import RAW
+ Generate thumbnails and tag index from existing image files
+ Monitor color check
+ Print images using a standard format or custom dimensions
+ Context dependent help (F1 key)
+ Comprehensive user guide (English)

Install Fotoxx in ubuntu 10.10/10/04/9.10

You need to download .deb packages from here once you have deb packages you can install them by double clicking on it or open the terminal and run the following command (make sure you are in correct path)

sudo dpkg -i fotoxx-10.9.1-32.deb


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