Great Little Radio Player

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A robust internet radio station streamer for Ubuntu and Fedora based Linux distributions. It connects to web sites offering radio streaming and lets you play radio stations directly from that locations. With Great Little Radio Player, you will have collection of 300 radio stations worldwide. Best part, it's free of charge.

What you should know about working with this player

The internet radio station collection is large, but that is not the most important thing with a program like this. You can have a lot of fun using Great Little Radio Player even with just a few stations.
Sometimes when you want to listen to a station, you may experience some problems. It may happen that fully valid internet radio address will not work because of poor internet connection, quirks of the net or some cosmic reason. Be patient and try the same station again a while later.
When you click on a radio station, wait a few seconds for connection to be established. Sometimes there are several internet servers between you and chosen radio station.
Some internet radio stations have stated their music category, and we used that information to categorize our collection. However, do not take it as absolutely precise, because it is not.

Install Great Little Radio Player in ubuntu

Download deb package from here once you have this you need to double click on it to install.



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4 thoughts on “Great Little Radio Player

  1. Works fine on Ubuntu 12.10, but needed to install these dependencies first:


  2. You needed to install these dependencies first:

    PS. new version (beta) is out.

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