Gspace – Convert Gmail account to an Online Storage

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Gspace is a Firefox plugin that allows users to use their Gmail account as an online storage. There is no restriction on file extension, you can upload any type of files as you like including executable. With this plug-in you can use unlimited Gmail accounts. Though it provides a simple and easy user interface those who are familiar with fireftp would feel more flexible as they can experience similar interface and working

Rather than just file storage it also provides some extra features. You can listen stored music directly from Gspace, view images and manage your Gdrive files as well.

How to install gspace in firefox

Gspace can be easily install from the firefox Add-ons submenu.

1. Select ‘Add-ons' from firefox ‘Tools' Menu.
2. Search for ‘gspace' on the ‘Get Add-ons' tab.
3. From the search result select  ‘gspace' and click ‘Add to Firefox'.
4. Select ‘Install Now' on the confirmation window.
5. Restart the firefox when prompted.

How to Use Gspace

To use ‘Gspace' simply select it from the firefox ‘Tools' menu.
Give ur gmail account credentials in ‘Manage Account' Section.
Login and experience the Gspace .

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21 Responses

  1. Esteban says:

    I stopped using Gspace, cause it had so many bugs. A few versions back it worked like a champ. But now, it is very iffy. There are 311 reviews, most are reporting problems with this addon.

  2. Carles Sentis says:

    Is there a similar extension for Google Chrome/Chromium?

  3. shakazzolo says:

    Also keep in mind that once a lot of people start using it, google might decide to “block” this add-on and you will lose all of your files… very risky

  4. Lieberman says:

    Gspace does not work for me in Firefox: when I attempt to login to G-mail, it produces a blank page. The developers say they are working on a fix.

  5. b44 says:

    > Gspace does not work for me in Firefox: when I attempt to login to G-mail, it produces a blank page.

    Me too. Not usable

  6. russthered says:

    Doesn’t work for me either. Just a blank page.

  7. thekingofcheap says:

    I used this for a while but I don’t recommend it any longer. google caught on to my file uploading and blocked my account for several days at a time

  8. for more information read ubuntu desktop guide

  9. in ubuntu desktop guide they are mention that “3D Nvidia video card drive ” no nvidia video cards have 3D acceleration enabled automatically with ubuntu, because the manufacturer does not release open source drivers.” etc..

    for more information read ubuntu desktop guide

  10. psion says:

    Me too! Just a blank page after I tried to log in!

  11. Zafar Sadiq says:

    Doesn’t work for me also. Just prompts for Login again and again; ID-Passwords are correct.

  12. Bill Connelly says:

    I was a long-time user of GSpace, but as of January 2011 it has not worked for months and months, as described in other postings here. There’s not a hint of the ongoing problem to be found anywhere on its website at, and emails go unanswered. Now I just wonder why they still offer it as a download and bother with keeping the website’s lights on.

    Too bad. It was a very handy tool.

  13. Giovanni Dodero says:

    I used GSpace, now it doesn’t work anymore…
    I decided to write some code to retrieve my files… in python…
    it works for me…

  14. Thankful says:

    @ Giovanni.

    Thank you so much! I am able to fetch my files with the code you wrote. I thought I was going to have to do it manually. A late thanks and cheers.

  15. Cees says:

    In case Gspace split a big file into two you get the filenames ending in gs1 and gs2. How can you combine them again? In my case these are zip files.

  16. Giovanni says:

    from the shell prompt try :
    cat file1.gs1 file2.gs2 >

  17. Cees says:

    Yes Giovanni – that worked! Thank you.

  18. Zahid says:


    I have lost access my files in gspace. I just want to delete them all. Do you have any idea how can i do that? Better if I can download the files and then delete. Please help me.

  19. Giovanni says:

    Hi Zahid,
    if you have access to your gmail-gspace account I think you could download – look to my post above – and delete all messages and files.

  20. Zahid says:

    Thanks for the reply. But I almost know nothing about python. I did installed python in pc with windows 7 and successfully run it with cmd. but do not know what to do after that.

    Can you guide me please.

  21. Shinoda says:

    Files names with special characters got garbled, but otherwise worked great.

    Many thanks!

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