gt5 – Shell program to display visual disk usage with navigation

gt5 reads the output of du, compares it with a du-log saved by the last run, converts it into HTML and opens the resulting file with a


displays the diskspace used by files and directories within a directory
displays what has happened since gt5 last ran (see screenshot below)
optionally provides links to the files, so you can also browse them
displays entries with their size and the percentage of their parent
omission of small files/directories to keep the results readable
easy browsing through subdirectories, using the cursor-keys

Install gt5 on ubuntu

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo apt-get install gt5


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  1. Dàrent says:

    Really interesting, thanks. How do you make to have the output with colors? I’ve tried and it opens a links2 page in monochrome. Does that depends of gt5 or on the browser?

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