Guitarix – A simple Linux Rock Guitar Amplifier for jack

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guitarix is a simple Linux Rock Guitar Amplifier for jack (Jack Audio Connektion Kit) with one input and two outputs. Designed to get nice thrash/metal/rock/blues guitar sounds. There are controls for bass, middle, treble, gain (in/out), compressor, preamp, tube's, drive, overdrive, oversample, anti-aliase, fuzz, balance, distortion, freeverb, impulse response, vibrato, chorus, delay, crybaby(wah), ampselector, tonestack, and echo. For ‘pressure' in the sound you can use the feedback and feedforward sliders.

guitarix benefits from keyboard shortcuts for most of its operations and guitarix comes with a Jack midi in port to connect a midi controller and provide a midi learn function for every Gui controller. You can save your settings (and midi connections) in presets and load or switch between them easy with keyboard or Midi commands, and indeed over the menu. guitarix comes with a jack port connection widget to easy maintain the connections in a modular workflow and guitarix includes an guitar tuner with a analouge like Interface.

You can call meterbridge over the menu connectet with in and output from guitarix

Install guitarix in ubuntu lucid

Open the terminal and run the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:falk-t-j/lucid

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install guitarix

Guitarix Video

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7 Responses

  1. Rotten says:

    I’ll try to record some songs using guitarix

  2. Metalholic says:

    Unable to get my electric guitar to work, connected it to line in. I know weak lousy signal, but It worked in some digital guitar-amp app that I found to windows. Which means it should work even better in linux (like everything else) 😉 Could use a little hope regarding this. Thanks

  3. zob says:

    Metaholic. Do you know how to use jack? If not, go here to ask and read wiki:

  4. Metalholic says:

    Mo tbh, never used/encountered jack before and didnt know where to start “solve the problem” either. Got it working after some reading up and fixing 🙂 Thanks a bunch Zob. Cheers

  5. zob says:

    Actually jack is extremely nice. But it does have a steep learning curve.
    Oh and also people might need a low-latency or realtime kernel, to make this work well.
    I dual boot with ubuntu-studio. I then have a separate playgroung for all these things.

  6. kessu says:

    I cant install it. Terminal said: could not find package guitarix…

  7. zob says:

    That’s because the ppa is now deprecated:

    As it says you should use another ppa:

    Do have a look here as well:

    I you need more help, ask here:

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