How to add the “Create Launcher” command to the right click menu in ubuntu 11.10

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In previous version of Ubuntu, you can create shortcuts to your favorite applications and system locations right on the desktop. These shortcuts are the desktop launchers to quickly launch your favorite applications and system locations such as firefox,Home folder. But, Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot does not allow you to create desktop launchers by right clicking on the desktop like in the previous Ubuntu versions.We have already discussed How To Create Desktop Launchers in Ubuntu 11.10(Oneiric)

This tutorial will explain How to add the "Create Launcher" command to the right click menu in ubnuntu 11.10

Preparing your system

First you need to install Nautilus Scripts manager by running the following command from your terminal

sudo apt-get install nautilus-scripts-manager

After completing the installation you need to type the following command which will open nautilus

gksu nautilus

Now you need to go to==> usr/share/nautilus-scripts

and create a new documentcalled "create_launcher" (You can use any name) make it execuatable (You can do this right clik then premissions tab)

Now you need to open this document and add the following line

gnome-desktop-item-edit --create-new ~/Desktop

Open nautilus scripts manager then just put a check mark in the box that says active.(From dash board enter nautilus to open nautilus scripts manager)

Finally open a terminal and restart nautilus using the following command

nautilus -q

when you reopen nautilus you should now have the create launcher command in your right click menu under scripts.

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2 Responses

  1. cmcanulty says:

    I don’t get the option of create launcher after all the steps done and redone

  2. cmcanulty says:

    Sorry after a cold reboot it appeared, nice

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